Buccal Fat Removal or FaceTite or BOTH?

October 4th, 2022 | Categories: FaceTite

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I consult with many patients in Newport Beach who wonder whether they need buccal fat removal or FaceTite. Many have marionette lines along their mouth or added volume in their cheeks or jawline, telltale signs of aging, weight gain, genetics, and unhealthy lifestyle choices. So, with cheek reduction and FaceTite procedures, does it have to be one of the other, or can it be both?

Unflattering Fat Accumulation

Now, while fat deposits may be unflattering in areas of the face (and body), subcutaneous fat – on the other hand, is important for preserving youthfulness. Even so, some areas where fat accumulation creates disharmony in facial characteristics, such as the buccal fat pads and the jowls.

Superlative Results

In my practice, I place great care in patient selection, as not all patients may benefit from the cosmetic procedure they desire. A case in point would be a patient of mine who was unhappy about the early signs of jowls, marionette lines, and a slight double chin. Her desires were:

  • Cheekbone definition
  • Jawline definition
  • A sculpted face

I recommended buccal fat removal AND FaceTite. Understandably, this was a lot for the patient to take in, and she chose to have only the buccal fat removal done, but with a different provider. While the procedure was a success, it still failed to address her other concerns – the jowls and perioral mounds.

With this, she consulted with me again and admitted that my recommendation was spot-on, and revisited my FaceTite recommendation. Her desired results were achieved, as seen in the YouTube video. The marionette lines were eliminated, and her jawline definition and early signs of jowls were reduced.

Subtle Contours

Combining the right procedures can be beneficial in creating contours that subtly enhance facial features, and deliver results beyond the patient’s expectations.

  • Better uniformed jawline
  • More defined shadow along the jawline
  • Softening or even eliminating perioral mounds

This is why I encourage BOTH buccal fat removal and FaceTite in many of my patients who desire a softer, more defined facial profile. Of course, each patient is unique and my recommendation is always based on their desired aesthetic outcome. As a board-certified plastic surgeon, I encourage my patients to seek an alternative opinion, to ensure that they are fully confident in my recommendation. After all, it is what the patient desires that underpins cosmetic surgery recommendations.

I encourage you to contact the Zelken Institute for Aesthetic Medicine in Newport Beach if you would like to know which cosmetic procedures will enhance your natural beauty, and reduce signs of aging.

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