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FaceTite services offered in the greater Newport Beach, CA area


FaceTite services offered in the greater Newport Beach, CA area

Would you like a scarless facelift? It’s possible with FaceTite®, a cutting-edge device that rejuvenates your face and neck without leaving a scar. Jonathan Zelken, MD, in Newport Beach, California, is one of the most experienced FaceTite providers in Orange County. He has used it since it was FDA-cleared and follows and documents his patients’ results (good and bad). He’s a trainer for the company that produces the device and has written extensively on radiofrequency-assisted lipolysis (the technology used in FaceTite). Ready to learn more? Call Dr. Zelken’s office or use online booking today.

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FaceTite Q&A

What is FaceTite?

FaceTite is an innovative medical device produced by InMode. The device rejuvenates your appearance with radiofrequency energy that tightens your skin and eliminates fat.

Dr. Zelden can treat any part of your face and neck. For example, the device can tighten jowls, get rid of a double chin, and refine your jawline.

How does FaceTite work?

FaceTite consists of two connected pieces. It has a narrow tube (cannula) that goes through the fat below your skin and an external piece that glides on top of your skin above the tube.

Here’s how the device works:

Fat elimination

The cannula under your skin sends out radiofrequency (RF) energy. The energy heats the fat cells just enough to break them down. The amount of heat needed to permanently eliminate fat isn’t hot enough to damage the surrounding structures.

Skin tightening

You don’t need to worry about ending up with loose skin when the fat disappears. As the RF energy leaves the cannula, it travels toward electrodes in the piece on the skin’s surface.

The controlled energy stream shrinks the existing collagen in your skin, producing an immediate tightening effect. The heat also activates new collagen production, producing stronger, tighter, more resilient over the next six months.

What should I expect during a FaceTite procedure?

Dr. Zelken discusses what to expect and explains your anesthesia choices. Some patients need only a local anesthetic, while others also use an oral sedative to help them relax. Either way, you stay awake throughout your FaceTite procedure.

Though Dr. Zelken makes the incision in a place where it’s hidden, the cannula is so thin, and the cut is so small that scarring is virtually nonexistent. After inserting the cannula, Dr. Zelken gently and methodically moves the tube through the targeted area.

What happens after my FaceTite treatment?

After your procedure, you’ll relax in the office for a while, then you can return to your usual activities. However, most people experience temporary swelling, which you can minimize with compression garments and ice.

Since you can’t predict the extent of the swelling, most people will take a day or two away from work and social activities while the area heals.

Call Jonathan Zelken, MD, today, or connect online to request an appointment and discover if you qualify for a FaceTite procedure.