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I had the pleasure of watching a few episodes of TLC’s “Awake Surgery” at the recommendation of one of my patients. I really like Dr. Gruber and her personality, sophistication, and innovative spirit.

Dr. Zelken was pleasantly surprised to discover a recent article discussing management of perioral mounds. “Efficacy and Safety of Perioral Mound Region Liposuction

Facelift is not a one size fits all operation. Although there are variations of facelift that are trademarked, marketed, and even touted by surgeons as being the best

What do facelifts, necklifts, FaceTite, submental liposuction, facial aging, penetrating trauma, facial expression, and dogs all have in common? THE PLATYSMA.

A facelift without fat grafting is almost like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich without jelly. Fat grafting is a standard component of the modern facelift, and Dr. Zelken explores just why in this video.

Dr. Zelken takes 5 minutes of your life away by disproving rumors (with “proof”) that Gwen Stefani had a facelift, all in the name of education and spiritual goodness to our fellow humans. Spoiler alert: she didn’t have a facelift.

The lip lift is a powerful but risky procedure that should be performed with restraint on carefully selected patients. Appropriate patient selection, expectation management, meticulous technique.

Dr. Zelken reviews a recent paper authored by Chinese surgeons who treat their take on Masseteric Atrophy Deformity (Flaccidity and Sagging) after Botox. The idea of treating Botox-related flaws with Botox seems absurd, but is there merit? Watch this video to find out.

Submental liposuction is great when it works, but it requires the right patient with the right skin and the right surgeon with the right tools.

Buccal fat pad removal has become a very trendy news topic, but the operation and its objectives have been around for quite some time.

Every. Question. EVER About Facelift Surgery. FAQs Answered by Dr. Zelken and Susan.(…)

One of the more unpleasant side effects of 6 weeks of Ozempic (and the associated 30 pound weight loss) was facial deflation. I recognize that a thinner face is typically attractive when weight loss impacts certain areas.

Got Ozempic face? If you are anything like me, the pros of maintaining a healthy weight and BMI are worth the possibly deleterious influence on your facial appearance. Sure, you can regain your weight and Ozempic face may be cured.(…)

Haters, shame on you. Christina Applegate has received plenty of press in the recent several weeks.(…)

Capsular contracture (CC) is one of those concepts that everyone thinks they know, and fears, despite it being so poorly understood. This applies to both patients and providers. Although there are #surgical techniques,(…)

Recently, the buccal fat removal procedure has gained a lot of fame (and notoriety). A dozen articles in top fashion magazines like @Vogue and @cosmopolitan were published in the last month alone(…)

Nonsurgical Facial Slimming – Buccal Fat Reduction? Dr. Zelken offers a surprisingly simple answer. In some ways, the prospect of #nonsurgical facial slimming seems incredibly intuitive and straightforward. Lose weight. Simple as that. Right? Not necessarily, but this may be the case for some. But for many men and women who seek a more #sculpted face, it is not so easy…

Is there a difference between hollow and gaunt? Do I need fillers with my buccal fat removal? Ogee

In this video, Dr. Zelken discusses a developing topic: Secondary Buccal Fat Pad Prolapse. Hallmarks of secondary buccal fat prolapse include a bulge and shadow a finger breadth above the mandibular border and anterior to the masseter…

In this video, Dr. Zelken explores controversy and media frenzy surrounding changes and Gwen Stefani’s facial appearance. In mid-September 2022, Dr. Zelken received a notification that his vlog featuring Gwen Stefani, published more than a year earlier, was trending…

At the Zelken Institute for Aesthetic Medicine, the most commonly performed procedures in combination are: buccal fat pad reduction, radiofrequency skin tightening, and liposculpture of the lower face and neck…

BUCCAL FAT REMOVAL | how long until I see my final result? REAL Surgery Results in 3D over time

FaceTite is a noun, not a verb. It is a commercially available disposable handpiece that connects to a radiofrequency generator. It is a piece of plastic that gets thrown away at the end of surgery, made by InMode in Israel…

Nostril Reduction 101: Alar Flaring or Alar Width – Newport Beach Plastic Surgeon Explains

Like clothing and makeup, plastic surgery trends come and go. But unlike those things, surgery is forever, and the decision to pursue it deserves special attention. Dr. Zelken believes (…)

There is no age limit for facelift surgery. Traditionally, facelift was reserved for aging faces with redundant and inelastic skin. More recently, facelifts became popular.

In many patients, there is a noticeable convexity just outside, or above and outside the corner of the mouth. This fullness seems to emerge at the lower border of the smile line fat and the upper edge of the jowl.

A generation ago, Carl Sagan predicted the Johnny Depp trial:
“I have a foreboding of an America in my children’s or my grandchildren’s time (…)

Dr. Zelken uses his Canfield camera to communicate with patients, plan surgery, and track and study outcomes.

On Valentine’s Day, about 2-1/2 weeks ago, I came back from surgery earlier than expected. My nurse practitioner Sofia has been asking me for buccal fat pad removal for some time.

When you Google “breast implant illness” (BII), there are about 3,610,000 results (at the time of writing this caption). When you enter the same search terms into leading academic journals, there are less than 500 results.

#Fillerfatigue interesting topic that I think a lot about. As they become more omnipresent, we are learning that injectable fillers are not the answer for everything.

Many patients present to me with a desire to look thinner. Or for a “snatched” jawline. That Kylie Jenner look, perhaps. In fact, many of these patients are young patients who feel that their chubby cheeks and full face detract from their beauty and make it harder to land some jobs.

Buccal fat pad removal is gaining a lot of popularity. It is surgery, though, and this scares away a lot of people both in terms of price and risk.

“I have been bothered by this for so long, and my mom has it and so does my grandmother. This has been a source of embarrassment, and I had no idea that there was a surgical treatment for it.”

The word “scar” is the enemy of plastic surgeons. It is the fundamental trade off for everything that we do to enhance somebody’s beauty or restore a normal appearance after reconstruction.

Sometimes one of the greatest challenges of achieving aesthetic treatment is communicating your concerns, assuming your provider understands you, and assuring that you and your provider are on the same page.

I have always believed that buccal fat pad removal does not make faces gaunt or hollow. The reason I feel this way is that the buccal fat pad is a deep and discrete mass.

Dr. Jonathan Zelken is featured on Good Morning America and discusses Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia (PAH), the condition that supermodel Linda Evangelista claims to have resulted from her CoolSculpting treatments.

Dr. Zelken rates his “Top 5 most popular” procedures with his practice over the passed year.

Today Linda Evangelista made the news for coming forward with a heartfelt account about her experience with Coolsculpting. Coolsculpting has been around for years and is the industry leader in nonsurgical fat reduction.

Yes. But is it really the best option? The earliest facelifts were skin-only (subcutaneous) lifts that looked good initially but did not last long due to the weak mechanics of skin (the weakest organ).

Two days ago, I learned that Chrissy Teigen had her buccal fat pads removed. She famously went on to tell her strong social media following that she had a procedure done to remove fat her cheeks and to her enhance her face shape

These days, one of the most-requested facial problem areas is a small shadow that originates from the corner of the mouth and angles downward. In the aging face, this is sometimes known as a “marionette line” or melolabial fold.

Finally! Buccal fat pad removal is getting important acknowledgement in the mainstream press and its nice to see that there is a growing body of evidence to answer your most common questions, like

Yes it can make you age faster, if not thoughtfully performed. However, conservative and artistic fat removal can both SLIM AND REJUVENATE the face. In this video, Dr. Zelken revisits his concept of facial harmony and soft tissue modulation.

Botox or any other neurotox to the masseters is a popular and wonderful treatment. In 3 months or so, it is possible to reduce the masseter (jaw muscle) volume by 30% or so, and this makes the face look slimmer and more V-shaped.

Facial shadows can be good AND bad. If we watch cartoons, artists typically place as few shadows on a “beautiful” female face as possible. Think of Cinderella. Meanwhile, the jawlines, cheekbones, and abdomens of superheroes are shadowed like crazy.

At the time of publishing this video, we have almost reached 100,000 views on a previous video featuring liposuction of the double chin and buccal fat pad removal. Thank you so much! The patient healed really well, and looks and feels great.

Many of you follow me because of the wide awake surgeries that I described and chronicle on this YouTube channel. I typically reserve videography for wide-awake procedures, but as you know, more than half the operations I perform are asleep.

It is true. We have all heard about this rare but dreadful complication of filler injection in the face. Not just synthetic fillers: this can include fat grafting, hyaluronic acid, and hydroxyapatite.

We use the term “ditzel” to describe small lumps and bumps as part of routine surgery. But when mole or lesion removal is purely elective, and is in the center of your face, the stakes are raised.

Know someone whose hands look 10 or 20 years older than their face? Alas, hands are a telltale sign of aging and need not be neglected.

Tattoos are a form of art. Plastic surgery is also a form of art. Tattoo artists and plastic surgeons share one big thing in common: our canvas is the human body. The tattoo artist, like the plastic surgeon, takes pride in his or her craft.

Coolsculpting remains the world’s #1 nonsurgical fat reduction procedure. Formally called cryolipolysis (CLL), this technology literally freezes fat cells and the surrounding tissues which leads to selective fat cell death.

Lip lift procedure, “live” to demonstrate patient experience from start to finish. Some parts sped up to reduce monotony.

The name of the week for celebrity plastic surgery speculation is Zac Efron. No less than 10 patient’s, colleagues, and family members have asked me what happened to Zac Efron’s face.

Often times, plastic surgeons (ourselves included) showcase bits and pieces of wide-awake surgery procedures to woo prospective patients to our practices.

Spoiler: Bella Hadid had rhinoplasty and it’s possible that she had some sort of surgical or nonsurgical (thread) browlift. But she’s naturally gorgeous- it’s pretty much all her.

Don’t speak, I know what you’re thinking. Gwen Stefani had facial plastic surgery. And she looks funny now. Shame on plastic surgery. Or at least that is what all the tabloids would have you think.

Dr. Zelken, do you have a” bread and butter” procedure?
Note: for a 2 month before and after, wait until the end. This patient is not close to her final result, and has had 2 treatments of Morpheus 8 and filler to the jawline and chin as well.

What happened to Gao Liu’s nose? A startling transformation leaves many fans of this up-and-coming Chinese actress wondering.

Ms. Demi Moore- America’s sweetheart for sure, and a woman who is aging gracefully, has recently gained attention for alarming photographs on the runway of a fashion show.

2020 has been known for a lot of things. From a plastic surgery standpoint, we have had a chance to rebuild.

A growing portion of my practice involves buccal fat pad removal alone or as an adjunct to other facial procedures like rhinoplasty, cheek augmentation, and liposuction.

One of the most common incisions on the human body is called a Pfannenstiel incision. This incision lies roughly between the vagina and the bellybutton or umbilicus.

To make the concept of buccal fat pad removal less ambiguous, Dr. Zelken introduces his concept of framing the face, and offers advice on how to make your own DIY BUCC-O-METER assessment tool.

Board certified plastic surgeons can and regularly do perform labiaplasty operations, but perhaps we take a more artistic approach than traditional measures.

Fillers are elective. COVID is deadly. While the risk of allergic response to fillers is acceptably low, you must absolutely consider your safety and the health of others first.

In this video, Dr. Zelken answers the often asked but seldom explored question: how does energy based skin tightening work?

The degree of skin excess, the degree of fat excess, and a history of massive weight loss. This procedure can safely be performed awake, as seen here.

In this followup video to a previous version several years ago, Dr. Zelken tackles a revision nasal alar reduction in a handsome young black man. The previous surgery (done elsewhere) appears to have been performed well, but perhaps too conservatively.

Injectable rhinoplasty, also called liquid rhinoplasty or nonsurgical nose job (NSNJ), is a tried and true method of reshaping the nose. The results of this procedure can meet or exceed the results of traditional rhinoplasty surgery.

Nipple inversion is a normal variant, not a deformity. Breasts are sisters, not twins. Every plastic surgeon knows this, and it’s important to lead with this prior to watching my video.

When I was younger, I was taught how to draw a perfect face and I apply similar principles to surgery. I commonly discuss how important subtle changes are, and how I strive to avoid “obvious” changes.

Did you ever notice that there seems to be a scarcity of before and after pics of buccal fat pad removal? And when they are posted, it’s usually done with liposuction of the chin? Why is this? Are the doctors dodgy?

In this followup video to a previous version several years ago, Dr. Zelken tackles a revision nasal alar reduction in a handsome young black man. The previous surgery appears to have been performed well, but perhaps too conservatively.

Our newest practitioner and wellness director, Sofia Puatu, DNP, FNP-BC explains her favorite all-around injection, the Ultim8 Vitamin Injection.

There are a lot of fillers out there. It is hard to say exactly which one is best. We use certain fillers as creatures of habit, sometimes, in specific parts of the face because either we trained with those fillers or we have simply had good luck.

SPOILER ALERT: The motorcar wins every time. And it’s a lightweight car. And a lighter weight driver. But let’s face it, these new implants are super impressive. We used old samples that have been sitting around for years.

I personally find lower eyelid surgery to be one of the most challenging awake procedures I offer. The redundant nerve supply to the lower lid fat pads makes the procedure uncomfortable at times, and when blood pressure increases, bleeding can arise which makes surgery more challenging.

Breast implant illness is an often cited but poorly understood phenomenon. Breast implant illness (BII), is a concept almost as old as implants themselves.

Dr. Zelken approaches a younger woman with a thin face seeking lower eyelid rejuvenation. Just like facial aging, a gaunt appearance needs to be corrected just as much as loose or saggy skin.

Dr. Zelken uses Microaire PAL (power assisted liposuction), Lifecell Revolve fat processing kit, Tulip fat transfer instruments, for a patient who sees a revision of her traditional lower body and buttock lift.

Buccal fat pad resection is a trending procedure that has gained increasing popularity nationwide and in my own practice. I see a recurring pattern where patients ask for the procedure based on their cosmetic goals.

Dr. Zelken treats U.S. National Team oarsman Tom Graves with his new Evolve platform. Specifically, the Tite and Tone modalities to strengthen the rectus abdominis muscles.

Dr. Zelen is an accutite expert and in this video he addresses common facial concerns: Jowling, mid-facial fullness and downturned smile

Buccal fat pad resection is a trending procedure that has gained increasing popularity nationwide and in my own practice. I see a recurring pattern where patients ask for the procedure based on their cosmetic goals.

Evolve T3 stands for Trim, Tite, and Tone. As you may guess, these represent the three modalities of our newest nonsurgical device. It is a great supplement for gym regulars, postsurgical patients, and those looking for standalone treatment to address stubborn areas.

In this video Dr Zelken walks through the consultation, marking, and execution of a facial contouring procedure that includes buccal fat pad removal, FaceTite RFAL, and liposculpture or liposuction.

Dr. Zelken goes over the lateral browlift procedure and explores their pros and cons.

Dr Zelken explains how fat transfer is a safe and viable alternative to breast augmentation and in many cases, implants are being replaced by fat transfer.

Drs Zelken discuss antibody testing and explain what we know and don’t know about these tests.

Dr Zelken has 3 big announcements: Keep up the good work society, Zelken institute now has E-Consultations, SkinBetter Products can be bought online!!

Dr Zelken asks everyone to not give in. There is nothing instantly gratifying about beating a pandemic and we all have to fight the disease together.

Dr. Zelken gives you the steps to help cope with the covid-19 pandemic and explains how simple actions from you can have impact on society

Dr. Jonathan Zelken channels Morrissey as a donkey and is a beautiful kitty cat. Sure, these filters are cool, but do they send the right message to their captive audience? How much are the subtler filters impacting our psyche and perceptions of beauty?

Dr. Zelken spends ten minutes discussing the “human Ken doll”, Rodrigo Alves and the sad story of his embattled nose. Three important topics are discussed: the ethics of medicine, body dysmorphic disorder, and saddle nose deformity.

Dr.Zelken will dish out on selfies and how this unique image drives self perception, psychology, and yes, plastic surgery trends.

In this video, Dr. Zelken explains the PRO-NOX machine. This device allows patients to achieve a degree of analgesia during procedures that he feels that it is not only safe, but patients love it.

In this episode, Dr. Zelken reflects on the most important questions you should ask your plastic surgeon during your consultation to make sure you are facing a legit plastic surgeon professional.

Dr. Zelken presents FaceTite technology. He believes it is an important adjunct for those who are looking to hold off on getting a facelift for a few more years.

Dr. Jonathan Zelken, a board certified plastic surgeon from Newport Beach, CA will be dishing on the controversy surrounding Dr. Munir Somji and Kate Middleton’s baby botox application.

On July 24, 2019, Allergan recalled sales of textured implants. Dr. Zelken, a Newport Beach board certified plastic surgeon explains what this voluntary recall means to you, and what steps you should take moving forward.

Debbie’s update 4 months after facelift, necklift, fat grafting to midface, browlift, CO2 resurfacing, Botox and filler. The combination is both subtle and magical in her.

In this brief video, Dr. Zelken highlights the techniques and decision-making steps in a wide awake plastic surgery operation. A 77-year-old man seeks steps to enhance his appearance without changing his identity, as most men do.

Warning: this is a VERY GRAPHIC instructional video designed for medical students, residents, medical professionals, and those very interested in the procedure only.

Footage courtesy of Matty Baker and Duke Loren.

Nurse Miki Omori BSN, RN specializes in Botox of the upper face and neck. This is one of her favorite procedures. She is exceptionally gentle, gifted, and focused on symmetry and balance.

Dr. Zelken performs Asian Blepharoplasty to achieve better balance, fill in upper eyelid hollows, improve glabellar furrows, and relax forehead lines.

In this video, Angels hall-of-famer Chuck Finley describes why he chose Dr. Zelken and quadruple blepharoplasty to enhance (but not change) his look. He was back on his game in no time.

Please follow these quick tips to install the Symplast patient app on your iPhone or iPad. Symplast is the HIPAA compliant solution for constant contact with Dr. Zelken to ensure the concierge service you deserve.

Dr. Jonathan Zelken, board-certified plastic surgeon, oversees and explains what to expect during your IV Hydration therapy session. Key take home points are as follows.

Miki Omori is days away from getting her RN. She was recruited to be the aesthetics nurse straight from school by a leading Newport Beach plastic surgery practice! In this episode, she offers her favorite tips to surviving nursing school.

Dr. Jonathan Zelken, board certified plastic surgeon demonstrates appropriate placement of a Marena compression garment. These garments are critical for reducing postoperative swelling and optimizing your result.

Dr. Jonathan Zelken, board certified plastic surgeon from Newport Beach, describes his preferred technique for surgical scars for the first 3 weeks postoperatively.

Dr. Jonathan Zelken, board certified plastic surgeon form Newport Beach, CA demonstrates his preferred technique for stripping a Jackson Pratt drain.

Hi everybody! In this video I introduce to you a procedure called FemTouch and it is used for Vaginal Rejuvenation.

Here I set up and assist Dr. Zelken, board-certified plastic surgeon in a FaceTite procedure. Unlike CoolSculpting and Kybella, FaceTite is a one-time…

Today, Miki gets a total facial makeover with 30 units of Xeomin (Avg. 40-50 used) to her forehead, glabella, crow’s feet, brows, bunny lines, and masseter muscles. Xeomin is an alternate to Botox.

In this episode, I place an IV and administer glutathione and Vitamin B12, among other nutrients via the antecubital fossa. I used a 22 gauge angiocath.

Hi everybody! I am Miki, a nursing student on the last leg of nursing school. It is, and always has been my dream to be an aesthetics nurse.

The Zelken Institute has created its own private-label skin care line, Kaeli Cosmeceuticals. This skin care line was hand selected by Dr. Jonathan Zelken, MD, board-certified plastic surgeon to enhance his own patients.

Advanced laser and nonsurgical device therapy is an option that Zelken Institute offers to help patients achieve their end aesthetic goals or enhance their surgical or wellness journey.

Plastic surgery is the foundation of the Zelken Institute. Dr. Zelken, a Johns Hopkins-trained, board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon specializes in surgery of the face, breast, and body.

Dr. Zelken prefers his Lumenis AcuPulse laser to assist his upper eyelid lifts, also known as blepharoplasty.

Board certified plastic surgeon Jonathan Zelken treats a patient with FaceTite and liposculpture. After liposculpture of the face was performed attention was turned toward the hand.

Lip Lift Surgery Newport Beach Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Jonathan Zelken discusses and performs lip lift procedure in conjunction with rhinoplasty.

Simple step by step guide for the tulip nanofat transfer system.

Dr. Zelken performs BodyTite and a mini tummy tuck (skin only abdominoplasty) in his Newport Beach office.

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT. Instructional. Intended for medical professionals. In this video, Dr. Zelken of Z Plastic Surgery, Newport Beach, describes the rationale, design, and technical aspects.

Warning: Graphic Content. Dr. Zelken discusses “central facial reduction”, a term he uses to describe simultaneous bullhorn-type lip lift with alar wedge excision.

In this video, Dr. Zelken walks through the consultation, marking, and execution of a facial contouring procedure that includes buccal fat pad removal (bichectomy), FaceTite RFAL, and liposculpture or liposuction.

Dr. Zelken of Z Plastic Surgery, Newport Beach, CA briefly details the markings and steps involved in scarless brachioplasty of the arms using BodyTITE.

Dr. Zelken performs FaceTite on a gentleman who was considering a necklift. The beauty of this technology is that it involves liposuction and thermal tightening of the skin.

Dr. Zelken, board-certified plastic surgeon and founder of Z Plastic Surgery, discusses the foundation of his practice, his service concept, and provides a quick tour of the office space.

Dr Jonathan Zelken discusses an exciting new breast implant that is a hybrid between silicone and saline. The Ideal implant is a structured saline device that is water based, but behaves more like a silicone implant in look and feel.

Dr Kathy Zhang discusses an exciting new breast implant that is particularly appealing for the Asian woman.

We offer a range of fillers and injectables from Botox to Restylane, to Kybella and Juvederm. Call 949-432-4730 to schedule your appointment today!

Dr. Zelken tackles difficult, unanswered RealSelf questions on the topic of breast reduction. This unscripted, unedited response to 5 RealSelfers does not replace in-person medical advice.

Dr. Jonathan Zelken of Z Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, CA gives a broad overview of the choices you must face before undergoing breast augmentation surgery.

Dr Zelken, board certified plastic surgeon and founder of Z Plastic Surgery in Newport Beach, CA describes the fundamentals of the rhinoplasty process. He illustrates his vision through preoperative, intraoperative.

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