In this video Dr Zelken walks through the consultation, marking, and execution of a facial contouring procedure that includes buccal fat pad removal, FaceTite RFAL, and liposculpture or liposuction.

Dr. Zelken goes over the lateral browlift procedure and explores their pros and cons.

Dr Zelken explains how fat transfer is a safe and viable alternative to breast augmentation and in many cases, implants are being replaced by fat transfer.

Drs Zelken discuss antibody testing and explain what we know and don’t know about these tests.

Dr Zelken has 3 big announcements: Keep up the good work society, Zelken institute now has E-Consultations, SkinBetter Products can be bought online!!

Dr Zelken asks everyone to not give in. There is nothing instantly gratifying about beating a pandemic and we all have to fight the disease together.

Dr. Zelken gives you the steps to help cope with the covid-19 pandemic and explains how simple actions from you can have impact on society

Dr. Jonathan Zelken channels Morrissey as a donkey and is a beautiful kitty cat. Sure, these filters are cool, but do they send the right message to their captive audience? How much are the subtler filters impacting our psyche and perceptions of beauty?

Dr. Zelken spends ten minutes discussing the “human Ken doll”, Rodrigo Alves and the sad story of his embattled nose. Three important topics are discussed: the ethics of medicine, body dysmorphic disorder, and saddle nose deformity.

Dr.Zelken will dish out on selfies and how this unique image drives self perception, psychology, and yes, plastic surgery trends.

In this video, Dr. Zelken explains the PRO-NOX machine. This device allows patients to achieve a degree of analgesia during procedures that he feels that it is not only safe, but patients love it.

In this episode, Dr. Zelken reflects on the most important questions you should ask your plastic surgeon during your consultation to make sure you are facing a legit plastic surgeon professional.

Dr. Zelken presents FaceTite technology. He believes it is an important adjunct for those who are looking to hold off on getting a facelift for a few more years.

Dr. Jonathan Zelken, a board certified plastic surgeon from Newport Beach, CA will be dishing on the controversy surrounding Dr. Munir Somji and Kate Middleton’s baby botox application.

On July 24, 2019, Allergan recalled sales of textured implants. Dr. Zelken, a Newport Beach board certified plastic surgeon explains what this voluntary recall means to you, and what steps you should take moving forward.

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