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6 Nose Issues We Can Correct With Rhinoplasty

Feb 02, 2024
6 Nose Issues We Can Correct With Rhinoplasty
Since your nose takes center stage on your face, it can also become the center of attention. If you’re not satisfied with how this central feature looks, we can help you reach your goals with a nose job.

Each feature that makes up your face garners attention, but your nose is really at the center of it all. In this central position, your nose can set the stage for your entire face, and right now, you’re not happy about its influence.

When it comes to facial cosmetic surgeries, the rhinoplasty, or nose job, ranks among the top 5 in the United States, with nearly 45,000 procedures performed in 2022 alone.

At Jonathan Zelken, MD, our namesake surgeon, Dr. Zelken, is board-certified in plastic surgery and has extensive training and experience in facial surgeries like rhinoplasty. And the one thing we’ve learned is that no two nose jobs are alike, as each patient has unique goals.

To give you an idea of the versatility of the nose job, we review six of the more common issues we can address through nose reshaping.

1. Reducing overall nose size

There’s no ideal nose size as it depends upon your face and the scale of features. If you feel that your nose is outsized for your face or out of proportion, throwing off the balance in your features, we can reduce the overall appearance of your nose.

2. Making your nose more prominent

Going to the other end of the spectrum, some clients come to us because they feel that their nose is too small, and they’d like us to make it more prominent, which we can achieve during a rhinoplasty.  This is particularly relevant to certain ethnicities, such as South and East Asian, African and Central American. 

3. Correcting nose width

If you feel the width of your nose at the bridge is too large or flat, we can reshape this area to create a finer, more defined bridge.

4. Reshaping nostrils

Another common issue we address with a rhinoplasty is changing the nostrils' shape.  Some people find their nostrils too large or too broad, while others have nostrils that are two different shapes, and they’d like a little more symmetry. Whatever your issue, we can easily reshape your nostrils to meet your goals.

5. Resculpting the top of your nose

If you feel that there’s a problem in the tip of your nose — it’s too large, points up or down too much, hooked, etc. — we can resculpt the end of your nose to better effect.

6. Smoothing out bumps

If you have bumps in your nose, perhaps along the ridge, and you’d like a smoother line, we can easily accomplish this goal through nose surgery.

As you can see, we can tackle an extensive range of objectives with a rhinoplasty. Dr. Zelken views each nose job as a unique, standalone procedure, and he makes sure to fully understand what you wish to achieve before he gets started.

We also make sure to give you an idea of what your nose will look like afterward, not just on its own but as an overall part of your face. Advanced imaging lets us decide which reshaping techniques will best get you the look you desire.

If you’d like to explore your options regarding nose reshaping, please call our office in Newport Beach, California, at (949) 432-4730. Or, you can use our online booking tool to request a consultation.

We invite you to check out this video to get a glimpse at how Dr. Zelken strives to meet patient goals.