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Laser Hair Removal

About Laser Hair Removal

But what if you prefer the bare look? Are you destined for a lifetime of shaving, waxing, trimming, tweezing and epilating? Not to mention the effort and expense that come with it, and the unpleasant possibility of ingrown hairs, razor bumps or prickly regrowth?

Laser hair removal offers an escape from this endless cycle. This noninvasive treatment is by far the most efficient way to reduce unwanted hair, allowing you to spend more time doing what you enjoy and less time feeling self-conscious about your appearance or worrying about whether you missed a spot.

Intense pulsed light (IPL) is often categorized as a laser but it is not. It is just as it is named: an intense light that pulses.


Laser hair removal involves a concentrated beam of light that is aimed at your body hair. Pigment (melanin) in the hair absorbs the light, which damages the hair follicle to the point that it limits future hair growth. Results from laser hair reduction can last anywhere from several months to years.

Earlier versions of laser hair removal technology were less effective on those with lighter body hair or darker skin tones. Why? Because the laser relies on the darker pigment of the hair to absorb the light energy. If the laser struggles to distinguish between the hair and the surrounding skin, the treatment is ineffective and possibly damaging.

At the Jonathan Zelken, MD in Newport Beach, CA, we use the state-of-the-art Motus AY laser. Our technology can be configured for treating skin of all types and colors, eliminating the concerns associated with older laser devices.


The Motus AY platform features gold-standard Alexandrite 755nm laser technology. The Alexandrite laser is widely considered the safest and most effective for hair removal. It is also the most versatile, as it does not affect darker skin types as much as other types of lasers, and it excels at treating the fine, thin hairs that other lasers may struggle to eliminate.

In addition to these advantages, the Motus AY laser offers the following benefits:

  • Comfortable treatments
  • More efficient energy delivery
  • Large areas can be treated quickly
  • Optimal results achieved in fewer treatment sessions
  • Treats the full spectrum of skin tones
  • Results are permanent or long-lasting
  • Options for treating vascular and pigmented lesions

Motus AY’s technology delivers ultra-short pulse durations, which is ideal for treating challenging fine and fair hair. The technology also allows the Alexandrite laser to work at maximum efficiency, therefore avoiding wasted energy and shortening treatment times.

One of the biggest strengths of the Motus AY system for hair removal is its ability to leave the surrounding skin unharmed. The procedure is extremely precise and creates noticeable results that you can enjoy with no pain, recovery time or arduous aftercare restrictions.


An IPL device emits broad-spectrum light with varying wavelengths that naturally spreads out. This is different from a laser, which uses a single-spectrum light that is stronger and more targeted.

What does this mean for patients on a practical level? The Motus AY laser’s precise wavelength targets the pigment in the hair follicle exactly, so there is no ‘hit or miss.’ This finely tuned wavelength leads to a more effective hair removal treatment than IPL and therefore fewer treatment sessions in the long run.

For an example of this in action, a study investigating the efficacy of the Alexandrite laser vs. IPL for underarm hair removal in Korean women found that patients treated with the Alexandrite laser experienced a greater decrease in hair count than patients treated with IPL. Patient-evaluated overall satisfaction was also higher with the Alexandrite laser.

Here at the Zelken Insitute, we prefer the Motus AY laser for hair removal and love IPL for skin rejuvenation.


Laser hair removal can be effective almost anywhere on the body, including areas with fine hair like a woman’s upper lip and areas with thicker hair like a man’s chest or arms. The most popular areas to treat are:

  • Legs
  • Underarms
  • Bikini line
  • Arms
  • Face

While these are the most common requests we receive at the Jonathan Zelken, MD, there are few limits to what we can treat with our hair removal system. We can address unwanted hair along the scalp hairline, between the eyebrows, in the sideburns area, on the front or back of the neck, on the hands and fingers, around the areolas, on the back and shoulders, on the buttocks, on the abdomen, and on the feet and toes. We can even replicate the smooth look and feel of a Brazilian wax!


If you have ever plucked or waxed a hair and looked at it closely, you may have noticed something whitish clustered around the root — this is part of the hair follicle, a layer of tissue that protects the root and helps generate hair growth. Plucking or waxing the same area over and over again can damage the hair follicle and limit your hair’s ability to grow back.

Laser hair reduction works on the same principle. The light energy of the device damages the follicle to lessen hair regrowth — but to do that, the follicle needs to be there in the first place. If you wax or tweeze before your appointment, there will be no follicle for the light energy to target, and your results may not be optimal. Waxing and tweezing should be avoided for six weeks before your laser hair removal sessions. Shaving is allowed because it cuts the hair but does not impact the follicle.

It is also beneficial to limit antibiotic use and sun exposure before your appointment.


Your laser hair reduction procedure will take place in one of our modern and comfortable treatment rooms. You and your laser technician will both wear protective eyewear during the procedure. After cleansing the treatment area, your provider will place the Motus AY handpiece against your skin and move it continuously while delivering the light pulses until the full treatment area has been covered.

With its proprietary sapphire-tipped handpiece, Motus AY by DEKA reduces the typical discomfort of other hair removal lasers. We also utilize anesthesia to ensure your Motus AY treatment is the most comfortable laser hair removal procedure in the industry. In fact, Motus AY is often described as the first and only ‘pain-free’ laser hair removal system.


Gone are the days of laser hair removal procedures that make you feel like downing a stiff drink after.

With old laser technologies, clients typically compared treatments to small pinpricks or a rubber band snapping against their skin. Areas like the bikini line or underarms could be especially sensitive.

Motus AY offers a totally different experience. One of the reasons our patients rave about this technology is its promise to deliver pain-free laser hair removal. Gradual heating eliminates the rubber band sensation that most laser devices generate, and integrated contact cooling adds to the unmatched comfort. Don’t be surprised if you hear Motus AY by Cartessa called the most comfortable hair removal laser on the market.


Depending on the treatment area or areas you choose, your appointment could last a few minutes or an hour or more. Small areas like the underarms or upper lip will require less time, while larger areas with more hair, such as the back or legs, will require additional time. Your appointment may also be longer if you choose to treat more than one area in a single session.

During your initial consultation, your laser hair removal technician will estimate how long your treatment will last and customize a treatment plan for you. Your technician will also explain how many treatments may be necessary to accomplish your desired results.


No! One of the reasons our clients love laser hair removal is that it generally does not require any real downtime. Most people return to their regular activities right away.


Early laser hair removal technologies were very sensitive to the amount of contrast between the patient’s skin and hair color. Because the light energy is attracted to concentrated pigment in the hair follicles, it was difficult for the laser to differentiate between hair and skin in clients with light skin and light hair or dark skin and dark hair. This resulted in a substantial difference in the treatment’s efficacy for some people.

Another important consideration is that dark skin contains more pigment than fair skin. Some laser hair removal devices should not be used on pigment-rich, dark skin because the heat energy could transfer onto the skin cells and cause damage. We are happy to say this is not a concern with our Motus AY laser.

Thanks to Motus AY’s proprietary technology, clients of all skin types and colors can achieve thorough, safe and long-lasting effects from laser hair removal treatments. This system represents the first time practitioners can deliver the efficacy of the Alexandrite laser on ALL skin types, rather than settling for less-effective Nd:YAG or diode lasers for patients with dark skin.

All patients must have a pre-treatment consultation to ensure they are a suitable candidate for laser hair removal at the Our clinic. Our team takes every precaution to provide laser hair removal safely and effectively.


Laser hair removal can be beneficial for nearly anyone who is self-conscious about areas of hair growth and tired of temporary hair removal techniques. The procedure is beloved by our clients for creating confidently smooth, carefree skin and boosting confidence, while saving time and money in the long run.

With Motus AY by DEKA, patients with darker skin tones do not have to settle for less efficacious laser hair reduction. This first-of-its-kind, high-speed Alexandrite laser does away with the limitations imposed by older laser hair removal technologies, allowing us to provide ‘skinclusive’ treatments for all our patients.

To find out how well our Newport Beach laser hair removal treatments might work for you, we invite you to schedule a consultation at the Our clinic. You will work with one of our highly qualified laser hair removal providers to make a treatment plan that addresses your concerns and meets the needs of your skin and hair types.


Most areas require more than one treatment session to achieve maximum hair reduction. Treatments are spaced four to six weeks apart initially until the hair growth cycle begins to slow. Then, depending on your individual progress, the time between your sessions can be extended to six to eight weeks apart. On average, six to eight treatments are necessary for optimal results.

Some of the hair may come back after the treatment. The good news is that laser hair reduction becomes more effective over time. The longer you use these treatments, the less hair will return, and the hair that does grow back will be softer and lighter.

Your Jonathan Zelken, MD provider will assess the effectiveness of laser hair removal and the number of treatments you will require during your consultation. Because every person has unique characteristics, it’s critical that we structure a treatment plan around your individual needs and goals.


Laser hair removal with Motus AY is a powerful noninvasive treatment for permanently reducing and removing unwanted hair. If you would like to learn more about laser hair removal or find out whether the procedure is right for you, contact the Our clinic for Aesthetic Medicine in Newport Beach at 949-432-4730 and schedule your consultation.


Does laser hair reduction work on all hair colors?

Laser hair removal sends pulses of light energy into your skin, where they are absorbed by the pigment in your hair. Since the treatment relies on targeting this pigment to be fully effective, it stands to reason that the more pigmented your hair is, the better your results will be. Laser hair removal clients with blonde or gray hair often find that the treatment is ineffective, or at least not as effective as they hoped it would be.

Why do people say winter is the best time for laser hair removal?

There are a few reasons people refer to winter as ‘laser season.’ First, most laser procedures require you to minimize sun exposure before and after treatment because lasers increase your skin’s sensitivity to sun damage. This makes winter, when the days are shortest and the sun’s UV rays are lowest, an ideal time of year for laser appointments.

Second, you may need multiple sessions of laser hair removal before you can see your full results. This means there might be periods when you have patches of hair that you would normally prefer to remove. Depending on their location, these areas can be hidden by long pants and sleeves, which means that full-coverage winter wardrobes may be preferable for the duration of your treatments.

Third, by completing your laser hair removal sessions in the winter, you can trust that your final results will be ready in time for the transition into more skin-baring outfits. You may not even need touch-up appointments as the seasons change.

What are the possible side effects of laser hair removal?

The most common side effects of laser hair reduction are swelling and redness. These side effects are usually minor and do not last more than a few days. Other possible side effects include blistering, scarring and changes in skin color. You can greatly reduce the risk of side effects by using an advanced device like Motus AY by Cartessa and having your treatment performed by an experienced laser technician with in-depth knowledge of the skin.

What is laser hair removal aftercare like?

There are minimal restrictions or instructions to follow after laser hair removal. The most important thing is to protect your skin from the sun. Wear sunscreen daily (and reapply throughout the day), and do your best to avoid direct sunlight from hitting the treated area. You should also avoid using a sun lamp, tanning bed or any other indoor tanning equipment.

Over the next few weeks, the treated hair will fall out. Lightly exfoliating the treated area will decrease the chance of developing ingrowns.

Are laser hair removal results permanent?

Results are unique to the patient. Most patients remain hair-free for months or even years. Some hair may grow back in the future. If this occurs, it will likely be less noticeable. Maintenance treatments can keep the area free of hair long-term.