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Macromastia, Gigantomastia, and Titanomastia are medical terms for large breasts. Genetics, childbirth, ethnic variations, and obesity are some of the factors that can lead to overly large breasts in women of all ages. Large breasts, although desired by some women, can lead to psychological and emotional distress, in addition to back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, shoulder grooving, and rashes. If you are experiencing any of these or other issues related to your large breasts, you are probably a candidate for breast reduction surgery. Dr. Zelken, a highly trained plastic surgeon with extensive experience, has performed breast reduction surgery, or reduction mammoplasty, on women as young as 17 years old and has performed more breast reductions than any other operation.

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Although large breasts can be bothersome to women for a variety of reasons, a breast reduction can result in increased comfort and a more proportioned figure.

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Breast reduction is the art of making breasts smaller, repositioning the nipple and sculpting the remaining breast tissue into a beautiful shape. Dr. Zelken practices a unique approach depending on your physical anatomy and aesthetic goals. Incision techniques vary based on existing anatomy, body shape, and sometimes, from breast to breast. Many of Dr. Zelken’s happiest patients are reduction patients, as they are not only pleased with the results of surgery but they experience a more balanced profile and improvement in their quality of life. Breast reduction is designed for women who want to achieve physical equilibrium and decrease the size of their bosom. If you think you may benefit from a breast reduction call (949) 432-4730 to your consultation today at our Newport Beach office, in the Orange County area.


Breast reduction is an entirely customizable enhancement procedure. Orange County / Newport Beach breast reduction surgeon Dr. Zelken examines each patient carefully and ensures scars are placed precisely for minimal visibility. Dr. Zelken works meticulously to offer women the best possible results, with optimal healing time and the likelihood of preserving nipple sensation and function. Paying special care to your body’s shape, Dr. Zelken may perform a breast reduction technique that positions the scar around your areola, extending beneath the breast. There are a variety of incision techniques when performing a breast reduction surgery, for example: lollipop, circumvertical, or vertical scar that aligns along the bottom fold, or the wise pattern or anchor scar. Although the anchor scar is most distinct, it allows Dr. Zelken the greatest control when positioning your breast reduction. Depending on your individual aesthetic goals at your consultation Dr. Zelken will discuss the breast reduction procedure best suited for you.

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Breast reduction surgery is a unique procedure because it demands adequate knowledgeable of breast anatomy and a keen sense of artistic vision. The delicate surgery requires precise incisions and suturing techniques to provide a more proportionate and beautiful appearance. Large breasts can result in discomfort, anxiety and embarrassment. Dr. Zelken aims to relieve the negative impact of large breasts with his natural breast reduction procedure. By intricately reshaping the breast, he aims to maintain blood and nerve supply to the nipple while offering patients smaller, lighter and firmer breasts. In other words, the objective of reduction is to remove as much tissue as possible while avoiding important blood vessels and nerves that keep the nipple alive and sensate. Dr. Zelken employs a sound understanding of breast anatomy to prevent injury to critical vessels and nerves. By utilizing state-of-the-art technology, called the Spy, the Orange County / Newport Beach breast reduction expert is able to gain insight on areas of blood flow disturbance to provide patients with excellent aesthetic and functional results.

I found Dr Zelken through a friend who could not stop saying how beautiful his work is and that he is a true, genuine person that cares about each one of his patients. She was absolutely right!

– Carly M.


Dr. Zelken encourages you to carefully pick your surgeon if you are seeking a breast reduction. It is imperative to choose one that has extensive experience in breast reduction, mastopexy, and cancer reconstruction. Just as important, is choosing a surgeon that voices an obsession for symmetry and who has an artistic touch. It is very easy to create asymmetries in areolar diameter and breast shape that may impact your final result and cause revision surgery to be needed. Worse, improperly performed reduction surgery can result in the loss of your nipple. Dr. Zelken is proud to offer his skill, years of experience and training as plastic surgeon to patients in the Orange County / Newport Beach area. To learn more, call (949) 432-4730 for a consultation today.


What other procedures can be done with a breast reduction?

A breast lift is often included in breast reduction to improve the overall size, shape and symmetry of the breast. Surgery time can vary from two to four hours depending on the severity of size, ptosis, asymmetry and patient goals.

What is the recovery like after a breast reduction?

Drains should be expected after reduction surgery, but seldom are left in place for more than a day, and may not be necessary at all for smaller reductions. As a rule of thumb, Dr. Zelken prefers to avoid drains whenever possible.

What are some risks associated with a breast reduction?

Women who are smokers, diabetic, or who have had prior breast surgery may be at greater risk of complications including partial or total nipple loss, sensory disturbances, wound breakdown, and skin loss. The ability to breastfeed can also be affected with this operation.

Does insurance cover a breast reduction procedure?

If you fail to improve with diet and exercise, anti-inflammatories, physical therapy, or specialized support bras, this procedure may be covered by insurance. Insurance coverage is determined on a case-by-case basis and can vary by insurance provider.

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