Breast ptosis is the medical term for sagging. Gravity, time, childbirth, weight loss, and anatomic variation can cause breast ptosis to occur in women of all ages. Dr. Zelken has performed this operation on women as young as 19 years old.

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A breast lift is can counteract sagging by raising the breast and reshaping its contour.

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Breast lift, or mastopexy, is the art of repositioning the nipple and redistributing parts of the breast from the lower pole of the breast upward. There are a number of ways to accomplish this, and the approach will differ according your unique goals, physique, and sometimes, from breast to breast. The procedure has become quite popular over the last decade, and is a great way to enhance your appearance using your own tissue, and nothing but your own tissue. The breast lift is designed for women who want to improve the shape, but not necessarily the volume, of her breasts. If this describes you, call (949) 432-4730 to schedule your consultation today.


Of all procedures offered at the Jonathan Zelken, MD, breast lift is the farthest from one-size-fits-all. Every woman needs to be examined very carefully, and accept the need for trading scars for improved shape. Depending on your anatomy, Dr. Zelken may opt for a breast lift that places a scar around the border of your areola (circumareolar), around the areola and down to the bottom of your breast (lollipop, vertical or circumvertical) or around the areola, a vertical scar, and a scar along the bottom fold (Wise pattern or anchor scar). While the anchor scar is the longest scar, it generates excellent breast shape results, and allows for optimal control of the width and height of the lifted breast. Dr. Zelken does not have a preference of one technique versus another, but most commonly uses the Wise pattern or anchor scar in his breast lifts.

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Breast lift surgery is a rewarding challenge because it requires artistic vision and a keen understanding of breast anatomy. A nipple and areola should not be simply cut off and sewn back on if an aesthetic result is desired. In some cases, a free nipple graft may be necessary, but preservation of the blood and nerve supply to the nipple is the ultimate goal of mastopexy surgery. Women who are smokers, diabetic, or who have had prior breast surgery may be at greater risk of complications including partial or total nipple loss, wound breakdown, and skin loss. In some cases, Dr. Zelken may employ a tool called the Spy that allows him to actually visualize areas of blood flow disturbance in the operating room. This will facilitate intraoperative decision-making and lead to the best aesthetic result.

As any of you who know the Newport Beach area knows it can be a bit saturated in this field. Knowing who you can trust can be hard, however Dr Zelken is one of those you can.

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Dr. Zelken encourages you to very carefully pick your surgeon if you are seeking a breast lift. Pick one who has extensive experience in breast reduction, lift, and cancer reconstruction. More importantly, pick one who voices an obsession for symmetry and who seems to have an artistic touch. It is very easy to create asymmetries in areolar diameter and breast shape that may impact your final result and necessitate revision surgery. To learn more, call (949) 432-4730 for a consultation today.


Can a breast lift be performed in conjunction with other surgeries?

The breast lift is often included in many other procedures performed at the Our clinic like the mommy makeover, breast reduction, weight loss surgery, and even cancer reconstruction. Surgery time can vary from an hour to several hours depending on the severity of ptosis, asymmetry, and your goals.

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