Bioidentical Hormones

What is Bioidentical Hormone Therapy?

Bio-identical hormone therapy is often called “natural hormone therapy” and The Endocrine Society has defined bioidentical hormones as “compounds that have exactly the same chemical and molecular structure as hormones that are produced in the human body.” Bioidentical estrogens include estradiol, estrone, estriol as well as progesterone which can be given in conjunction with these estrogens. Estradiol is the form of estrogen that decreases at menopause. These hormones are made, or synthesized, from a plant chemical extracted from yams and soy. Bioidentical progesterone is simply progesterone, “micronized,” or finely ground, in the laboratory to allow for better absorption in the body. In addition to estrogen and progesterone other important hormones to consider include testosterone, DHEA, thyroid, and cortisol.

What can you treat with Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

Bioidentical hormone therapy can be used to treat the onset of andropause (male testosterone decline) or menopause. This hormone decline is often the first time that people begin to feel “old.” The good news is that it is actually fairly easy to correct by replacing these hormones in an effort to reverse the decline and the symptoms associated with low levels. Using a custom tailored, science-based approach, bioidentical hormones can be used to treat the various symptoms seen with aging. The resulting improvement in overall wellness is highlighted by:

  • Increased vitality
  • Reduced fatigue
  • increased sex drive
  • Improved cognition and memory
  • less hair thinning
  • less dry skin
  • reduced hot flashes in women
  • improved sleep
  • reduced bloating
  • reducing bone loss

What makes Bioidentical therapy at the Our clinic unique?

At the Jonathan Zelken, MD we will work with you to provide a customized treatment, in conjunction with the latest proven science, that is designed to mimic your body’s natural hormone production. We base our treatment on laboratory testing and a comprehensive evaluation of your symptoms and goals. In conjunction we offer ongoing lifestyle advice, specialized laboratory testing, infusion therapy and anti-aging supplements to augment your hormone therapy and improve the effectiveness of your treatment.

What kind of results should a Bioidentical hormone patient expect to achieve at Zelken Insitute?

Generally, you can expect to see benefits in a few days to weeks and full results within three to six months. For men improvement in symptoms may take 4-6 weeks. For women some changes, such as resolution of hot flashes and night sweats, may resolve within days. Improvement in memory and neurological symptoms may take several weeks. The sooner balance is achieved, the quicker the benefits of hormone replacement therapy will become evident. Other factors play an important role in achieving hormone balance. For example, if you have not had hormone balance for several years, it can take a more time to achieve your goal or feeling better.

How are results measured?

While the physicians at the Jonathan Zelken, MD use standard and specialized laboratory testing to measure your results we are most concerned with how you are feeling. We view each person as an individual and seek to cultivate a long-term relationship that allows us to not only monitor your hormone levels but your overall wellbeing. We do not simply use the “low range of normal” as a guide for your hormone replacement but seek to find a level that best suits you, your needs and your lifestyle.

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