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Sometimes, the littlest things can have the largest impact on our confidence. We are proud to offer AccuTite and an excellent surgery alternative for highly targeted areas of treatment on the face and body.

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AccuTite reaches and treats small or delicate areas with precision, producing lasting results and healthier skin.

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What is AccuTite?

A minimally invasive and cost-effective alternative to excisional surgery, able to be performed in our office at Newport Beach, AccuTite uses radio-frequency energy to target those ‘hard to reach’ areas on the face and body, tightening skin and removing fat for a youthful, revitalized look.

Treatment Areas

Smaller areas such as eyelids and under-eye areas, nasolabial folds, the neck, upper arms, and knees where there are small fat stores or loose skin.

How It Works

The smallest device of its kind, AccuTite uses the same technology as FaceTite, a radio-frequency treatment, to liquefy fat and tighten skin by encouraging the production of collagen. This helps skin that has sagged because of aging, developed fine lines, or deeper wrinkles.

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Is AccuTite a Risky Procedure?

Dr. Zelken is committed to ensuring all his procedures are safe, with minimal to no side effects. Patient satisfaction is high, and Dr. Zelken’s experience allows him to determine the right treatments and alters his techniques to suit each patients’ needs. Like any procedure, there are some rare but possible side effects, such as temporary nerve weakness, scarring, or burns.


When will I see results?

You may see immediate results with AccuTite, however, your skin will continue to tighten over 1-3 months, resulting in ongoing improvement. Results have proven to last over a year, with some reporting results lasting for up to five years!

What is the downtime of AccuTite?

Because of the non-invasive nature of AccuTite, most patients can be back to their normal routine 1-2 days after treatment. You may be required to wear a compression garment and may have bruising or swelling around the treatment area for 1-2 weeks.

Is AccuTite painful?

Prior to your treatment, a local anesthetic will be applied to ease any discomfort. You will feel a small sting from the anesthetic needle. Many patients report minimal discomfort, though you may feel some heat.

What should I look for in a surgeon who offers AccuTite?

Because of the sensitive and precise nature of the AccuTite treatment, only plastic surgeons and facial plastic surgeons should be considered. Dr. Kelken is a board-certified plastic surgeon, having had considerable experience with BodyTite and FaceTite for almost as long as they have been approved by the FDA here in California, and has written extensively on radiofrequency assisted lipolysis (RFAL).

Who is not suitable for AccuTite treatments?

As part of your consultation, Dr. Zelken will determine whether you are a candidate for AccuTite based on your skin and medical history, and his experience as a surgeon. If you have metal in or close to the treatment areas, any electrical implants (such as pacemakers) or are pregnant, you may not be able to undertake treatment.

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