Christina Applegate got “bad” plastic surgery? Plastic surgery expert says NOT A CHANCE

January 30th, 2023 | Categories: General

Haters, shame on you. Christina Applegate has received plenty of press in the recent several weeks. This time is not for battling a life changing chronic illness, but for addressing rumors that she had plastic surgery (and bad plastic surgery at that). After all, what else could explain her sudden change in appearance? Spoiler alert: It is NOT plastic surgery of the face.

Ms. Applegate is probably the best known for television and movie roles that made her a household name. Her striking good looks typically positioned her as a sex symbol, but her solid acting abilities were seldom overlooked. As her acting career began to settle, she was faced with health issues that brought her back to the limelight in the early 2000’s and more recently.

When she was diagnosed with unilateral breast cancer, and found to have a BRCA1 gene mutation, she underwent a bilateral mastectomy due to the unacceptably high risk of developing cancer in her unaffected (cancer-free) breast. Although her cancer was caught at an early stage, Ms. Applegate brought national attention to a serious issue by being so open about it.

More recently, Christina opened up about her multiple sclerosis diagnosis. She now walks with an ambulatory aid and is struggling with her acting roles. By being so open and upfront with the public about her condition, awareness had been raised for this rare and chronic condition. Multiple sclerosis can impair vision, cause chronic pain and fatigue, and impact coordination.

Ms. Applegate is now 51 years old and is possibly experiencing hormone changes associated with aging. Her physical condition is impacting her lifestyle, and presumably makes it difficult to exercise and remain active. A brief review of the photos over time reveals that Christina has gained weight, and this is not sparing her face. The changes that we have seen in Ms. Applegate appear to be age, weight and hormone-mediated and should not be mistaken for (bad) plastic surgery. Not to mention, MS treatments like chemotherapy and steroids can impact the face as well.

We congratulate Ms. Applegate for remaining positive through these challenging times and for openly addressing hateful and hurtful commentary on her social media outlets. For her positivity and spiritual wellness, as well as raising awareness of multiple sclerosis and breast cancer, Ms. Applegate deserves praise and not vitriolic speculation.

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