FaceTite RFAL Worth It? 1/3 of RealSelf users say NO. Why RealSelf reviews are irrelevant.

December 23rd, 2022 | Categories: Tummy Tuck

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FaceTite is a noun, not a verb. It is a commercially available disposable handpiece that connects to a radiofrequency generator. It is a piece of plastic that gets thrown away at the end of surgery, made by InMode in Israel. Despite our everyday chatter, nobody actually “gets” FaceTite when they sign up for FaceTite. Rather, they get an operation that includes “radiofrequency assisted lipolysis” that is achieved using this commercially available plastic device. In the same way that you can’t really rate “rhinoplasty” as a procedure (there are so many rhinoplasty surgeons treating so many different noses that it’s impossible to say rhinoplasty is good or bad as a whole), be careful when evaluating reviews of “FaceTite”, “J Plasma”, “PDO threads”, and any other commercially available or branded product when it is veiled as a procedure.

Like any procedure, outcomes vary as much as the patients seeking improvement. Everyone’s goals, desires, and outcomes can be hard to predict.

At the Zelken Institute for Aesthetic Medicine, FaceTite combines radiofrequency assisted lipolysis and liposuction in carefully selected patients, and markets the surgical procedure as “FaceTite”, although FaceTite is nothing more than an adjunct to facial liposculpture that seems to enhance recovery and outcomes in carefully selected candidates. At other practices, it is possible that FaceTite is performed as a standalone procedure, although this is not recommended by the manufacturer. Still, at other centers, under-licensed, underexperienced, undertrained, or untrained persons may perform the procedure using any combination of settings in poor candidates making the collective outcomes of “FaceTite” immaterial. FaceTite reviews are therefore meaningless without regard to the provider and the methodology used.

Choose a board certified plastic surgeon who offers FaceTite selectively, study his or her results, and remember: FaceTite is a noun (tool), not a verb (procedure).

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