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For weeks, the televised trial of Johnny Depp vs. Amber Heard fascinated the world. Many people recognize Amber Heard as being one of the most beautiful women in the world based on the ‘golden ratio’. This may or may not have merit and the concept is not proven in the scientific literature. Dr. Zelken of Newport Beach’s Zelken Institute for Aesthetic Medicine offers his thoughts on what he thinks makes Amber Heard beautiful.

Amber Heard’s Face Has The Golden Ratio

The golden ratio involves looking at a person’s face and determining whether it is proportional in appearance. Mathematically, the golden ratio as it relates to beauty is that the measurements of the face, length plus width divided by the length, should equal approximately 1.618. Dr. Zelken doesn’t necessarily believe in the golden ratio theory, but he does agree that Amber Heard does have a very proportional and attractive face.

A Plastic Surgeon’s Thoughts About Amber Heard’s Face

By dividing a photo of Amber Heard’s face equally, you would get the following segments:
  • From the top of the hairline to the brows
  • From the brows to the base of the nose
  • From the bottom of the nose to the base of the chin
  • These three segments are roughly the same distance apart

The Rule of Facial Fifths Helps Explain A Beautiful Face

In the field of plastic surgery, experts often discuss the ‘rule of facial fifths’. This means that the distance between each side of the face between the eyes should be five approximately equal parts. This helps determine how far apart the eyes should be from one another to be ‘perfect’. Amber’s eyes follow this rule, proving their proportionate sizes. Her lips are 1/3 of the way down her lower face, with her chin making up the remaining 2/3. This also confirms the symmetry of her lips.

Facial Asymmetry | Beautiful Imperfections

Dr. Zelken also points out that Amber’s right side of her face is larger than the left. It is normal for people to have slightly asymmetrical features, and arguably this makes them more attractive to the eye than faces showcasing perfect symmetry. Maybe this is why a smirk or wink is attractive ;).

Other Features That Prove Amber Heard’s Beauty

Amber Heard also has various other features that contribute to her beauty:
  • The inside of her brows come in lower than the outer tail of her brow
  • Nicely defined shadows on desirable places (jawline)
  • Refined nose
  • Good with makeup
  • Good skin quality

Final Word About Amber Heard’s Golden Ratio

Overall, Amber’s face follows the general guidelines for plastic surgery ideals. Dr. Zelken strives for this level of perfection in the facelift surgeries that he performs in Newport Beach, CA. Contact his office at (949-432-4730) to find out how he can help you!
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