Can Lip Filler Make Cleft Lips Worse?

October 13th, 2022 | Categories: Uncategorized

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Over the past few years, we have been seeing an increasing wave of men and women seeking lip filler. Many of them gain inspiration for their look from popular celebrities such as Kylie Jenner.

It’s common to hear about all the positive aspects of lip fillers, but the procedure also has risks to consider.

Lip Fillers Unwanted Side Effects

Dr. Zelken, a board-certified plastic surgeon at Newport Beach’s Zelken Institute for Aesthetic Medicine, sees many patients who have been ill-advised about lip fillers, specifically that they can correct traumatic or congenital lip deformities. Many of them have previously undergone cleft lip repair surgeries but experienced side effects after receiving lip fillers.

A Patient’s Cleft Lip Story – The Problem Smile

Dr. Zelken attended to a cleft lip patient at his Newport Beach office who was experiencing worrisome results from the use of fillers over a number of years. The problem was that an unsightly flap of skin would appear from the inside of each of her lips and block her teeth whenever she would smile.

As the cleft lip scar is very firm, the filler takes the path of least resistance and migrates around it. Over time, fillers can alter or compromise the previous cleft lip repair, irrespective of how well the procedure had been done. The buildup of fibrosis and scar tissue can lead to permanent damage, with surgery being the only viable solution to resolve this challenge.

Fortunately, Dr. Zelken was able to restore his patient’s beautiful smile with a quick surgical procedure to remove the excess tissue that was blocking her teeth.

Lip Fillers Are Not A Replacement For Surgery

Overall, it is important to remember that lip fillers can be an excellent method of enhancing our features. However, it can cause permanent unwanted side effects and is not always the best replacement for surgery.

Before undergoing lip fillers, be sure to speak to your physician about prior surgeries, especially cleft lip repairs.

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