Why is the Deep Plane Facelift SO HOT Right Now?

September 21st, 2022 | Categories: Facelift

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Well, celebrity Marc Jacobs recently came along and blew the lid off Hollywood’s forever youthful-looking secret, the deep plane facelift. A plastic surgery procedure that’s been achieving phenomenal results for decades – with the first published description, “Deep Plane Facelift” by Dr. Hamra in 1990!

What Makes the Deep Plane Facelift so Unique?

A facelift can drastically improve your appearance when done by an experienced surgeon who specializes in facial reconstruction and has the ability to deliver natural-looking results. I’ve worked on some really challenging facial reconstruction cases at the Zelken Institute in Newport Beach.

Now, when it comes to the facelift procedure, both traditional and deep plane employ SMAS manipulation techniques. The restructuring and contouring of the tissues, fibers, ligaments, and muscles underneath the face. With the deep plane facelift, there is no tension on the skin, the vector of pull is vertical (not backward), and the results are more natural with less bruising. While the technique is important, the success of your deep plane procedure is hugely dependent on the skill of your surgeon.

Technique. Experience. Features.

About 20-30% of my facelift procedures are the deep plane procedure, and this is on the increase. In my experience, not all patients are good candidates for the deep plane facelift. Marc Jacobs is a good example of a patient who has the ideal facial features to complement the technique and experience of the surgical outcome when it is enhancing, and not creating, beautiful features.

Marketability Ups the Costs

Remember, once a procedure is spotlighted – especially by the likes of Marc Jacobs, it suddenly becomes more marketable due to the supply and demand issue. It does not necessarily mean that it is the best option for you, but it could be the more expensive and higher-risk option.

During the deep plane facelift, your surgeon is operating underneath the SMAS, a layer of nerves and muscles that increases the risks associated with facelift surgery. I, therefore, encourage you to consult with an experienced surgeon before getting caught up in the “what’s hot right now” trends of cosmetic enhancements.

Natural-Looking Results in CA

I see many older patients for revision procedures, and correcting facelifts done by other surgeons in CA. For these patients, the deep plane facelift is ideal and delivers natural-looking results. Whereas for my everyday patients who have really good features that require minimal enhancements, I recommend keeping it conservative and safe.

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