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December 30th, 2021 | Categories: Uncategorized

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Fillerfatigue interesting topic that I think a lot about. As they become more omnipresent, we are learning that injectable fillers are not the answer for everything. As mentioned in previous videos – what the media commonly perceives as “bad plastic surgery”, or “botched plastic surgery” is often the result of non-judicious use of fillers. When we overfill the face, lips, chin, temples, or jawline, it is unnatural, and may make someone appear as though they have had bad plastic surgery. In the case of Amy Schumer, this is not so. Perez Helton recently posted an article about how botched plastic surgery was immediately rectified in this actress and comedian. In her case, she felt that overfilling her cheeks made her look like an evil cartoon character named Maleficent. She attributes this deformity to overdoing it in the wrong place. In fact, the patient was not a good candidate simply because she really has an existing volume excess in her cheeks. Doctors and other providers need to be very careful about patient selection to ensure that they are doing their patients no harm. While fillers are presented as safe, reversible, and temporary- as Amy Schumer suggests herself, there is more risk to injectable fillers than cosmetic dissatisfaction alone. In fact, some people have bad reactions to fillers, others have lost skin and other tissue to fillers. Finally, blindness- as I had mentioned in a previous video, can occur. Filler fatigue is an increasingly prevalent problem. I think many of the results of “bad plastic surgery”, such as that of Demi Moore, many male actors, and Amy Schumer, are in fact the result of non-judicious or overzealous augmentation with injectable fillers. Please choose your injector wisely. Injectables are not the same as plastic surgery, although they are often performed by plastic surgeons and in conjunction with plastic surgery. Doctors of Nurse Practitioner are not medical doctors, although they often (and perhaps appropriately) call themselves doctor. Fillers can only augment tissue, and may not tighten or slim the face, nose, etc. Keep these concepts in mind and be conservative.

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