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April 28th, 2021 | Categories: Uncategorized

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The name of the week for celebrity plastic surgery speculation is Zac Efron. No less than 10 patient’s, colleagues, and family members have asked me what happened to Zac Efron’s face. At first, I was very concerned as I felt perhaps he was the victim of additional trauma, a car accident, or something disfiguring. Turns out, people are speculating he has had bad plastic surgery. My first instinct was to encourage people to “get a life”- until I realized that people adore the way Efron looks and that this speculation stems from genuine concern, and not ill intent.

Still, is neither our business nor our right to impinge on other’s privacy and to make speculations if there is potential harm to the subject at hand. Calling him botched and disfigured is an insult, plain and simple. So if you care to speculate, please do so with grace and empathy. For those of you who were watching this video, I had to do some homework on the young actor to determine what he looked like before, what he looks like now, and what may have changed. So, I will keep it brief: I think there is no question that Mr. Efron shows evidence of previous facial trauma because his left lower lip is higher than his right upper lip. Even looking at old photos, I can see this.

I also think his jaw is wider than it has been in the past, and I think his whole left face seems to be swollen. Whether or not the swelling and the width of the jaw are a result of augmentation with fillers or implants, or simply postprocedural swelling from something like an infected tooth, it is impossible to say. I do not want to speculate on this. Fact is, something has changed with the lower face of this young man, and I think we should let this young man heal and give him privacy and solitude until he feels comfortable making a statement.

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