Nonsurgical tummy tuck? Muscle toning, slimming, and skin tightening is POSSIBLE at Zelken Institute

July 16th, 2020 | Categories: Uncategorized

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In this video, our priceless Nurse Miki Omori (@NurseMikiNB) elegantly discusses the nuances and science behind our newest technology that is most certainly trending right now.

Evolve T3 stands for Trim, Tite, and Tone. As you may guess, these represent the three modalities of our newest nonsurgical device. Trim and Tite use specially tuned radiofrequency applicators to heat up skin and subcutaneous tissues that contribute to fat loss and skin tightening. Tone uses electromagnetic energy to directly stimulate muscle in ways traditional exercises will never match. This new platform is like going to the gym in the sense that more treatments incur better results, and it is a great supplement for gym regulars, postsurgical patients, and those looking for standalone treatment to address stubborn areas.

Of course, the next rung of the ladder is our BodyTite platform that employs heat and liposuction to remove fat and shrink skin. The highest run of the ladder is traditional abdominoplasty surgery. Make an appointment today to discuss which treatment is best for your lifestyle, anatomy, and goals!

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