Public Service Announcement: 24 March 2020.

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1. Stay home. #stayhome. Please. Stay at home.

Please. Even if nonessential businesses remain open, it is incumbent upon everyone to avoid patronizing said businesses for nonessential matters.

2. Avoid the ER and urgent care facilities if you can.

As a plastic surgeon I am offering urgent care for scrapes, wounds, lacerations, face and hand injuries. Perhaps another trauma, general, or plastic surgeon near you is offering the same. Start there. If you or a loved one needs help, we are here for you 24/7. Call (949) 432-4730 to be triaged by our nurse, accordingly.

3. Supporting small businesses is important, including my very own.

Although we have no knowledge of when we can resume elective surgeries, we do offer virtual consultations. We prefer to use a HIPAA compliant platform (Symplast) but also can e-meet you via Skype, FaceTime, and etc. Please feel free contact us via e-mail with any questions or new patient inquiries at We are working to maintain normalcy and practice medicine virtually when feasible. Given the current circumstances, now is a good opportunity to conduct virtual consultations for any patients interested in scheduling future surgeries. Ask me “virtually” anything online. See below for more information.

To download Symplast: click here for instructions

Interested in surgery once the dust settles? Let’s do this.

Getting creative now. It’s not our style to discount professional services, but this is a unique situation.

Dr. Zelken is offering complimentary virtual consultations until further notice. We are very sensitive to the possibility of financial hardships that may arise from this crisis. On the flip side, this too is a small business and we are working hard to keep the rent and remaining staff paid. For these reasons, any “nonrefundable” deposit of 20% of Dr. Zelken’s surgeon fee made before April 10, 2020 will be refunded to you when the surgery is performed. That’s right, 20% off if you commit to your surgery now. Think of it as an investment in you and the practice. Please email to arrange for your virtual consultation.

This offer is valid for any procedure performed within 6 months of the date of deposit. If the procedure is performed outside this window, additional fees will apply. Thanks dearly for your understanding.

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