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March 23rd, 2020 | Categories: Uncategorized

Two days ago, I made an intensely difficult decision to classify my business as “nonessential”. I elected to interpret executive order from the state government in a way that would severely impact the welfare of my business, my patients, and the livelihood of my staff, for the sake of public safety. After all, if you put lives in jeopardy, there is no potential for livelihood in the future. By temporarily putting livelihood at risk, I’m counting on the probability that this pandemic will pass, and our lives and livelihood will soon be restored.

In lieu of nonessential in-person visits, Dr. Zelken and Nurse Miki are performing virtual consultations by Skype and FaceTime. If you are more than 1 month out of surgery or have/desire an upcoming consultation, we look forward to meeting or following up with you ONLINE. Call us for details.

For Joanna’s and Miki’s patients:

We understand that you are eager to see our star injectors. Dr. Zelken responded to the crisis by ceasing all non-essential activities, including lasers, injectables, and elective surgery. We do not want to put you or our staff at unneccessary risk. We will update you regularly through email campaigns. For those of you with appointments in upcoming week, expect a call to reschedule as necessary. We are hoping to resume business as usual on April 1, 2020, but recognize this may be optimistic.

Please take the higher road.

We are aware that salons, medspas, and practices remain open during this crisis. Understand that every syringe used, glove donned, and alcohol swab swiped becomes an unavailable resource that might someday be required when shortages arise. Any congregation of people is inappropriate during this difficult time, and business owners who ignore the governor’s executive order are knowingly putting the community at risk for their own personal gain.

Essential Plastic Surgery Care is still being provided.

I am happy to serve the community by repairing lacerations, soft tissue injuries, and minor trauma for all age groups. This will free up beds in the ERs and urgent care centers for patients suffering from COVID-19. It may also eliminate unneccessary risk of infectious exposure at a busy ER or hospital. Call (949) 432-4730 if you or your child needs to be seen by Dr. Zelken for stitches or wound care.

Existing patients who require postoperative care will be seen as scheduled.

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