Why Hydrafacial Is So Popular

August 16th, 2019 | Categories: Uncategorized

by Lori Fitzgerald

Hydrafacial isn’t just your ordinary everyday facial, it’s more like a next-generation facial, and it’s rapidly become a worldwide phenomenon. This medical grade, multifunctional, resurfacing facial device utilizes a patented vortex infusion system to simultaneously deep clean the pores and remove dead surface layers, all while infusing the skin with an array of nutrient rich serums. Rather than aggravating the skin with traditional microdermabrasion for resurfacing- which can cause micro-tears in the skin and broken capillaries- Hydrafacial’s hydra-dermabrasion technique is not only much gentler on our skin, it is actually more effective, delivering instant results leaving you with a hydrated radiant complexion.

A standard Hydrafacial has 4 steps to it. It begins with vortex exfoliation which removes dead skin cells and softens or effaces the pores, preparing them to easily release dirt and oil in the subsequent steps. Next is the vortex peel. The serum infused during this step contains a low level combination of alpha- and beta-hydroxy acids that literally act like a “Pac Man” for the skin, breaking down and dissolving old dead layers of the skin to bring out the new. Step 3 is the most satisfying step…vortex extraction. During this step the suction level is turned up as the specialized tip on the handpiece slowly glides over individual problem areas (where dirt and oil tend to build up) and painlessly removes and eliminates black heads and clogged pores. Now that the skin has been resurfaced, dead layers have been removed, and pores have thoroughly been cleaned out, it’s time for the final step…vortex infusion. During this step the skin is bathed in a serum rich in antioxidants, peptides, and anti-aging ingredients creating an unstoppable glow that will continue to improve for about 5 days following.

In my opinion, Hydrafacial is the best professional skin care treatment out there. It’s great for all skin types and skin conditions and has no downtime. Whether you just want that added glow for a special event or are looking for a solution to help clear up a skin issue, Hydrafacial can get you there.

Immediate effacement of pores and fine lines
Hydrafacial shines with acne and sebum reduction
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