Why Reconstructive Surgeons are Better Aesthetic Surgeons

September 20th, 2017 | Categories: General, Plastic Surgery

Dr. Zelken is very proud of and reliant on his extensive training in reconstructive microsurgery and trauma surgery. He holds roles on the trauma call panels of the major Orange County trauma centers, and is called upon for the most extensive injuries. This allows him to perform complex aesthetic procedures with relative ease. There is a growing aesthetic focus in reconstructive surgery; reconstructive surgeons will increasingly benefit from innovations in aesthetic surgery as the standards of reconstructive and elective surgery merge. Focused aesthetic surgeons are encouraged to publish, as synergistic innovations in technique and technology will improve results in reconstructive and elective patients alike. Aesthetic surgeons likewise stand to benefit from advances in reconstructive surgery and the innovations of seasoned reconstructive surgeons. The convergence of disciplines is amenable to disruptive innovation, as we have seen with botulinum toxin, limb-lengthening, fat grafting, hair transplantation, dermal matrices, skin care products, and breast reconstruction. Aesthetic and reconstructive surgery is not mutually exclusive; a well-trained reconstructive surgeon must not resist opportunities in aesthetic surgery when the market allows for it, and vice versa. Because of his international experience in reconstructive surgery, Dr. Zelken is exceedingly familiar with head and neck anatomy, perfusion mechanics and aesthetic norms and ideals of various cultures.

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