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It is weight loss scientifically tailored to you, the patient. In order to define the diet, we need to define your goals within the setting of your life. What is your body composition, what are your stressors, what kind of foods can you realistically prepare and eat? We want to know what your level of athletic fitness is and not only what you want your body to look like but what you want your body to be able to do. We seek to give you a comprehensive, scientifically sourced diet and exercise program that fits into your life, your goals, your budget and gives you the tools to succeed in the long term.

What makes weight loss therapy at Zelken Institute unique?

Our approach is unique because it is it is customized specifically for you, based on the latest scientific data, supported with the best in IV and oral supplementation and seeks to support you throughout the process not as a patient but as an individual. It begins with comprehensive biometric body analysis that allows us to determine your starting point and follow your progress throughout our program.

We supplement your weight loss with the best, scientifically sourced, oral and IV supplementation options. We do more than give you a diet plan, we do a detailed examination of your health and wellness that may include hormone evaluation, evaluation of your sleep patterns, assistance with stress management and a plan for diet and exercise that fits into your life.

What kind of results should a weight loss therapy patient expect to achieve at ZI?

In short, we want to help you achieve YOUR goals. But more than that we want to give you the tools that allow you to realistically, safely and reliably lose weight, feel better and be able to independently reproduce your success. We are seeking to create a stable comprehensive program that will allow you to:

  • Lose Weight and maximize your athletic performance.
  • Activate and upregulate the anti-aging and anti-inflammatory biochemical pathways already present in your body.
  • Stabilizing your blood sugar and loweryour insulinlevel and insulin resistance.
  • Reduceyour oxidative stressand thereby improve the function of your mitochondria, thepower-houses of your cells.
  • Activate autophagy, a cellular clean-up process called where the cells break down old and broken parts.
  • Reduce the overall stress on your body (and thereby reduce the production of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline) and thereby improve sleep, glucose control and overall energy levels.
  • Reduce your overall appetite in a slow natural manner while helping you feel satisfied and full during your diet and thereby reduce cravings for foods that can hinder your progress.
  • Improve cognition, problem solving and your ability to think clearly. By improving mitochondria health, reducing inflammation, and stimulating cellular cleanup, our can maximize the potential of your brain.
  • Make you the best you can possibly be.

How are results measured?

Results can be measured in a number of ways. A detailed physical exam and Biometric body analysis are two of the foundational exams we use to assess your health and monitor your progress. The concept of medical biometric body analysis is best explained directly from the creator of our device, they state:

The clinical view on Body Composition in general and the technology of bioelectrical Impedance analysis in particular provide real diagnostic and therapeutic added-value for many medical fields from general medicine to specialties such as oncology, nephrology, cardiology, nutrition and sports medicine. The medical Body Composition Analysis (mBCA) is based on the fact that the conductive properties of biological tissue change when electricity is applied. Skin electrodes are used to generate an imperceptible alternating current field and to measure the electrical voltage. The impedance or resistance can be calculated from the current and voltage. Water in the human body is rich in electrolytes and therefore highly conductive while body fat, which is denser, reacts as an electrical insulator. Water and body fat can be distinguished from each other by means of their respective resistance and muscle and fat-free mass can be calculated.

We also examine hormone function and imbalance both through common laboratory exams and additional specialized laboratory testing. We then focus close attention to the interrelation between those hormones and your stressors, sleep patterns, potential hormone imbalances, and the need for IV and oral supplementation along with a nutrition and exercise program. Our goal is to safely and carefully create a full integrated wellness program that is measured by not only by a reduction in weight and a decrease in body fat but by improved athletic performance reduction in your sense of anxiety and stress, increase in your feelings of wellbeing, and improved mental performance.

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