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Your face is the most direct representation of yourself, and your skin is often one of the very first things people notice about you. Why suffer from skin that does not reflective your best self? A photo-fractional ResurFX skin treatment at Zelken Institute can improve the texture and smoothness of your skin in just one visit. Using the non-ablative laser technology, our skin care specialists will create a customized treatment plan to give you the skin you want in the most minimally invasive, pain-free way.

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ResurFX is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment that can improve skin tone and minimize the signs of aging.


What is ResurFX?

Laser ResurFX works by penetrating the sub-dermal layers of your skin. The machine exerts gentle energy parameters deep in the skin to resurface and renew your skin without any damaging its outer layers. ResurFX is among the newest in the industry to treat pigmentation and vascular conditions like scarring, hyperpigmentation caused by melasma, age spots, sun damage, and stretch marks. It is also highly effective for reducing fine lines and wrinkles around the face.

Your Anti-Aging ResurFX Treatment at Zelken Institute

Dr. Zelken, Nurse Miki and our skin care experts have helped patients see great improvement with wrinkles around the lip lines of the mouth, crow’s feet around the eyes, and fine lines across the forehead. By adjusting the settings on the handheld ResurFX technology and strategically position the machine around problem areas to best suit your needs and, our Newport Beach skin care experts will reveal smoother, younger looking skin that will make your face feel tighter and brighter than ever.

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The Procedure

ResurFX is a non-ablative skin rejuvenation technique, which means that it will not remove the top layer of the skin. Because the outer layer of skin is preserved, patients experience minimal irritation, both during the procedure and immediately after treatment. Before your ResurFX procedure with Dr. Zelken or Nurse Miki, a topical anesthetic is usually applied to help reduce potential discomfort. The number of ResurFX treatments needed for optimal results will depend on your individual responsiveness and the overall condition of your skin. In general, our patients see marked results after 3 sessions. During your consultation, Dr. Zelken and Nurse Miki will recommend the best treatment plan to achieve your goals.

Your ResurFX Consultation

If you are considering ResurFX we encourage you to set up an appointment online or call us at (949) 432-4730 to schedule your consultation so that we can offer you personalized advice. Dr. Zelken and his highly trained team can help you start your skincare journey today.


How long does a ResurFX treatment take?

A single laser ResurFX treatment at our Newport Beach, Orange County office can be done in less than one hour. This means that you can walk out feeling refreshed and rejuvenated in just the time you have for your lunch break.

What is recovery like?

One of the many benefits of ResurFX at Zelken Institute in Newport Beach is that there is no downtime. Our patients often return to work immediately and do not take any time off their normal routine. Though each patient’s skin reacts differently, the majority of people experience very minor swelling and redness that naturally subsides in the hours and days after a ResurFX treatment.

Can I get a ResurFX treatment in combination with other treatments at Zelken Institute?

Yes, our skin care experts will work with you to figure out exactly what areas to target in order to achieve your aesthetic goals in a way that is suitable for your lifestyle. To do this, our specialists may suggest a ResurFX treatment in combination with fillers or other laser treatments for more dramatic results.

Does ResurFX hurt?

At Zelken Institute your comfort is our top priority. We are pleased to say that our patients report little to no pain during the entire ResurFX treatment.

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