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Dr. Jonathan Zelken is a highly skilled board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon based in Newport Beach, Orange County, renowned for his expertise in facelift procedures as well as facial contouring, amongst other breast and body plastic and reconstructive surgical techniques. With a commitment to delivering natural and transformative results, Dr. Zelken is dedicated to helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals while maintaining their unique features. His exceptional qualifications, combined with his personalized approach, make him a trusted expert in the field.

Personal Background and Passion for Aesthetics

Dr. Zelken’s passion for aesthetics stems from his personal journey and his deep-rooted appreciation for the artistry of plastic surgery. Raised in New England, he developed an early fascination with the enhancing abilities of the field. Driven by his desire to impact the lives of his patients positively, he embarked on a career in plastic surgery with a focus on delivering natural and rejuvenating outcomes.

Education and Training

Dr. Zelken’s extensive education and training have equipped him with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in his field. He earned his undergraduate degree in Biology from Cornell University before pursuing a degree in Medicine at Tufts University. Graduating at the top of his class, he then completed his plastic surgery training at the prestigious Johns Hopkins Hospital. Dr. Zelken also underwent specialized training during a microsurgery fellowship in Taiwan under the guidance of the world’s foremost microsurgeon.

Dedicated to continual learning, he has made significant contributions to the field through his research, authoring over 50 scientific articles, and demonstrating a passion for teaching.

In his practice at the , Dr. Zelken offers a comprehensive range of reconstructive and aesthetic surgeries for the breasts, body, and face. His expertise extends to advanced techniques such as facial contouring and the utilization of innovative technologies. As a trainer for BodyTite, a state-of-the-art radiofrequency skin tightening device, he remains at the forefront of the latest advancements in both minimally invasive and non-surgical rejuvenation treatments.

Dr. Zelken’s unwavering commitment to his patients is evident in his willingness to undertake the most challenging facial reconstruction cases. He is highly regarded in the Orange County community for his exceptional skills, meticulous approach, and ability to achieve remarkable results, even in complex situations.

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Expertise in Facelift Procedures, Plastic Surgery, and More

Dr. Zelken’s expertise lies in facelift procedures, facial contouring, and a wide range of plastic surgery techniques, including body contouring, breast augmentation, and male and female breast reduction. He is well-versed in various surgical approaches, enabling him to address the diverse needs of his patients effectively. Dr. Zelken takes a personalized approach to each individual, considering their features, goals, and desires. By combining his artistic vision with technical precision, he consistently achieves remarkable results that enhance the natural beauty of his patients.

Dr. Jonathan Zelken is featured on Good Morning America and discusses Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia (PAH), the condition that supermodel Linda Evangelista claims to have resulted from her CoolSculpting treatments.

Commitment to Education and Informed Decisions

Dr. Zelken is not only dedicated to providing exceptional patient care but also to educating and empowering the general public about plastic and reconstructive surgery. With a strong belief in transparency, he actively shares his expertise through various channels, including his successful YouTube channel. Through informative videos, he aims to demystify plastic surgery, debunk myths, outline surgical procedures, and provide valuable insights to those interested in the field.

By prioritizing education and informed decision making, Dr. Zelken ensures that anyone can have access to reliable resources when considering cosmetic procedures. His commitment to informing patients and the wider public sets him apart as a trusted authority in the field of plastic surgery.

Dr. Zelken’s Patient-Centered Care

At the Zelken Institute in Newport Beach, Dr. Zelken’s patient-centric philosophy is at the core of every interaction. He believes in delivering individualized care that considers each patient’s specific concerns and desires. Dr. Zelken’s comprehensive consultation process ensures that patients feel heard and understood, allowing him to develop tailored treatment plans that align with their expectations. His dedication to patient education enables individuals to make informed decisions and have realistic expectations about their procedures.


If you are looking for a Doctor who knows his stuff, definitely see Dr. Zelken. He is a perfectionist and it shows in his work.

Stephanie M

I just had a Blepharoplasty and my ears done and now every time I look in the mirror it makes me want to cry from happiness!

Lori M.

I am most impressed with Dr. Z. He is thoughtful about the approach, strategizes as to how he’s going to get the best outcome and talks through everything before and while he’s doing it.

Stacy W.

Dr. Zelken is very kind and caring to all his patients and the office is so chic!

Raquel V.

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If you’re seeking the expertise of a renowned, dedicated, and multidisciplinary plastic surgeon, look no further than Dr. Jonathan Zelken. With his unwavering dedication to delivering natural and transformative results, Dr. Zelken can help you achieve your aesthetic goals while ensuring your distinct characteristics are preserved. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward enhancing your natural beauty. Trust your appearance to the expert hands of Dr. Zelken and discover your true potential.

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