What is Zelken Institute laser program?

Advanced laser and nonsurgical device therapy is an option that Zelken Institute offers to help patients achieve their end aesthetic goals or enhance their surgical or wellness journey. At Zelken Institute for Aesthetic Medicine, we are very selective about the types of laser treatments we offer to ensure the most effective clinical result under the safest conditions.

What is unique about getting laser treatments at Zelken Institute?

Expected outcomes from laser therapy can be very misleading as there are thousands of different types of treatments available to the aesthetic patient. Here at Zelken Institute for Aesthetic Medicine we take pride in the standards of care we offer our patients. We offer state of the art laser therapy to ensure our patients are treated with a customized approach. We have recruited master nurse injectors and laser trainers who teach treatment protocols to other aesthetic medical practices.


Patients come to Zelken Institute for laser therapy for a variety of concerns such as wrinkle smoothing, skin rejuvenation, texture improvement, pigment correction, skin resurfacing, scar revision, scar lightening, vein removal, hair removal, melasma, age spots, sun damage, or overall age defying. We routinely treat surgical patients with a variety of lasers to help them achieve their end goals.

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How are results measured?

At Zelken Institute, we measure results by multiple standards including overall outcomes and patient satisfaction. We believe that an aesthetic treatment should not be viewed from a one-dimensional perspective. As an example, a patient who come to us for laser treatment for skin resurfacing can benefit from filler for facial volume or PRP (platelet rich plasma) to achieve an overall beautiful result for a restful, natural look. Or layering different types of lasers may offer a more desirable outcome.

How much do laser treatments cost?

The cost of laser therapy varies based on procedure type. For optimal results, we often recommend a series of 3-4 treatment depending on desired goals. Patients can schedule a consultation with our Director of Nonsurgical at Zelken Institute to prepare a customized plan.

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