I am looking to reopen May 1

*The asterisk has never been so understated in my communications as it is right now. Never before- not in my life, have I felt so unsure about planning for the future. And never before has anything so affected my life as a doctor ...

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Keep up the great work

A week ago, I sent a grim but important warning to the Newport Beach community and beyond about an ungratifying but necessary solution to the novel coronavirus. While colleagues and friends in my native New York continue to suffer...

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I am begging you

As a plastic surgeon, it's hard for me to stand on this soapbox and preach like I'm some world expert on infectious diseases because I am not. But there are certain things I know well, and one of them is statistics. The other is i...

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Coronavirus update.

Today was a bit of a rollercoaster ride. I have whittled my onsite staff to a skeleton crew but was able to accommodate surgical consults, postoperative patients, and even small surgical procedures as planned. All patients were sc...

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