Buccal Fat Pad Removal Surgery

Written by Dr. Jonathan Zelken To make the concept of buccal fat pad removal less ambiguous, Dr. Zelken introduces his concept of framing the face. In addition, he offers advice on how to make your own DIY BUCC-O-METER assessment...

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Nipple Eversion and Lowering

In our video series, we chronicle a lot of these wide-awake operations that I perform. But one that's gaining popularity, at least in my practice, is nipple eversion. Nipple eversion is something that I've always done, on awake pa...

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I am looking to reopen May 1

*The asterisk has never been so understated in my communications as it is right now. Never before- not in my life, have I felt so unsure about planning for the future. And never before has anything so affected my life as a doctor ...

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Keep up the great work

A week ago, I sent a grim but important warning to the Newport Beach community and beyond about an ungratifying but necessary solution to the novel coronavirus. While colleagues and friends in my native New York continue to suffer...

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