Understanding Perioral Mound Management: Interesting Research

July 26th, 2023 | Categories: Uncategorized

This area of the face is an interesting topic amongst patients and the scientific community, but what makes this area of the face so intriguing? The perioral mound refers to a specific area around the mouth that can contribute to facial fullness and signs of premature aging, as well as affect the facial profile.

Dr. Zelken discusses the various techniques and approaches used to address this concern and sheds some light on recent research findings from China.

The Perioral Mound: Explained and Addressed

The perioral mound encompasses the upper portion of the jowl, extending from the corner of the tear trough down to the chin. Dr. Zelken emphasizes that while there isn’t a distinct boundary for this area, a scalable fatty mass is often present. In younger patients, options such as liposuction and radiofrequency skin tightening can effectively manage the fullness. However, as patients age, a facelift becomes the gold standard for addressing the perioral mound along with other signs of aging.

Intriguing Research Findings:

Dr. Zelken references the research article published in January 2023, which explores perioral mound management in young patients. The study conducted in China focused on liposuction techniques, analyzing the impact on the fatty component of the perioral mound. While the study’s methodology and results are intriguing, Dr. Zelken has reservations about the approach.

Key Findings and Interpretations:

The Chinese study involved liposuction of approximately two cubic centimeters (cc) of fat from each perioral mound. Nearly twice the amount Dr. Zelken typically removes! The study also measured the reduction in the fat layer using MRIs, revealing an average reduction of four millimeters per side.


While Dr. Zelken appreciates the efforts of the Chinese researchers, he cautions that the study has some limitations. The photographs provided in the study were not convincing due to inconsistencies in shading and other factors. In his own practice, he relies on three-dimensional imaging for a more comprehensive understanding of perioral mound management.

Further Research Is Needed

Although the study from China offers valuable insights into perioral mound liposuction, Dr. Zelken believes that further research is needed to better understand this area. He stresses that perioral mound management is a multifaceted issue, and the approach may vary based on patient characteristics such as age and skin elasticity. While liposuction and radiofrequency skin tightening such as FaceTite are effective options for younger patients, a facelift remains the gold standard for more advanced signs of aging.

We encourage those interested in perioral mound management to seek a qualified plastic surgeon who understands the nuances of the procedure. Perioral mound management requires careful consideration and tailored approaches. Ongoing research will undoubtedly contribute to understanding and refinement of techniques for optimal results.

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