Chin Lipo as a Standalone Procedure: Pitfalls & Cons

May 19th, 2023 | Categories: Liposuction

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Chin liposuction, or submental liposuction, is a popular cosmetic procedure for those looking to eliminate excess fat under the chin and achieve a more contoured neck and jawline. While it can be an effective standalone procedure in younger patients, it’s often best suited as an adjunct to other cosmetic procedures like a facelift for best results. Dr. Zelken, Newport Beach plastic and reconstructive surgeon shares some pitfalls and limitations of submental liposuction to consider before opting for it as a standalone cosmetic treatment.

1. Chin Liposuction Single Incision Approach

The single incision approach only addresses the middle portion of the chin, leaving fat along the border of the jawline untouched. Dr. Zelken recommends using three to five approaches to sculpt the jawline effectively. Neglecting the perioral mound or the jowl could also cause contour deformities and affect the overall jawline definition.

2. Neglect of Perioral Mounds and Jowls

Chin lipo as a standalone procedure, fails to consider the perioral mounds and jowls and can negatively impact the outcome. Perioral mounds refer to the area around the mouth, while jowls are the fleshy or drooping area below the jawline. Failure to address these areas during the procedure can result in an uneven contour and an unnatural appearance. Neglecting perioral mounds can cause an unflattering shadow effect while ignoring jowls can result in an overly prominent chin. As a result, plastic surgeons need to take a comprehensive approach to the procedure, addressing all areas of concern to achieve the best possible outcome for the patient. Ideally, to enhance good jawline definition, you need to consider the facial profile from the earlobes to the tip of the chin.

3. Skin Laxity (Skin Envelope)

Aggressive submental liposuction may cause redundant skin that doesn’t snap back and creates a visible band in the front of the neck. Patients with skin laxity and submental fat may also require a facelift or a neck lift. To address these issues, Dr. Zelken combines submental liposuction with FaceTite, which uses radiofrequency skin tightening to create a degree of trauma to the fat layer that leads to collagenases or the creation of scar tissue. This turns loose skin into something more robust.

In conclusion, chin liposuction as a standalone procedure may have potential downfalls. While it can be an effective procedure, it’s often best suited as an adjunct to other cosmetic procedures. Combining chin liposuction with skin-tightening methods, chin implants, or other facial rejuvenation techniques can achieve a more comprehensive and balanced result. Ask your surgeon about targeted micro liposculpture – and if they don’t know, then consider finding a different provider. Patients should seek out plastic surgeons who understand the nuances of the procedure and are equipped with the right technologies and techniques to sculpt the jawline effectively. By doing so, patients can achieve good jawline definition without compromising their overall appearance. Contact Dr. Zelken at the Zelken Institute for Aesthetic Medicine if you wish to learn more about chin lipo as an adjunct procedure to other available facial rejuvenation treatments.

Watch our YouTube video for a more detailed explanation of the pitfalls of submental lipo.

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