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December 26th, 2022 | Categories: Face, Facelift, Liposuction

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The Ogee Curve. . .

When evaluating patients for facial plastic surgery, Dr. Zelken often takes into consideration the ogee curve – essential in the perception of beauty. This includes bone structure and a strong angle of the mandible. This juxtaposition of concave and convex is particularly attractive, explaining why people often seek treatments that give them bigger cheekbones or a more ‘hollowed out’ look.

Natural-Looking Hollow Cheeks

Dr. Zelken strive to provide subtle but aesthetically pleasing results that will make people wonder why you suddenly look more attractive. This natural-looking result is achieved by taking into consideration the ogee curve when performing facial plastic surgery procedures that aim to enhance natural beauty.

There is nothing quite as rewarding as boosting a patient’s self-confidence through meticulous skill, surgical technique and clear direction as to the results that the patient wishes to achieve.

The Ogee Curve in Buccal Fat Removal Before and After Photos

This subtle change that enhances the natural facial features can also be observed in buccal fat pad removal before and after photos, or the video below. For example, Bella Hadid’s transformation from a pre-pubescent girl into an adult model may have been due to cheek volumization or implants; when baby fat conceals your natural facial structures, losing some subcutaneous fat can reveal the natural ogee curve.

The result? A more attractive looking you!

Ogee Curve Considerations

In addition to facial procedures such as buccal fat removal, volumization of the cheeks and face-tightening, Dr. Zelken also give due consideration to other treatments when evaluating patients who lack certain skeletal features in their mid-face. These include liposuction, radiofrequency skin tightening and facelifts – all of which are aimed at providing a subtle yet effective transformation.

As a plastic surgeon, his aim is to give you a result that looks the same, but better! In this way, plastic surgery can help people achieve their desired results without looking over-the-top or obvious about it.

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It is clear to see why taking into consideration the ogee curve is essential for anyone considering plastic surgery. With Dr. Zelken’s understanding of beauty, you can achieve a result that looks natural yet more aesthetically pleasing.

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