How Effective is Buccal Fat Removal?

September 1st, 2022 | Categories: Face

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Did you ever look in the mirror and feel slightly displeased with the shape and volume in your mid-face? But, you can’t quite pinpoint what is contributing to this “full” effect which makes your face seem like it’s lacking in contours that enhance your natural beauty. Well, I can help clear up that uncertainty.

It may be large or malpositioned Buccal Fat Pads

The size of your buccal fat pads significantly contribute to the shape of your face and for some people, it can create a more rounded or fuller facial appearance. This cosmetic concern is easily addressed by buccal fat pad removal, or buccal lipectomy – also known as cheek reduction.

I do my best to create the post-buccal fat pad reduction image for my patients so that they can get an idea of a before and after result. This has not always been easy with two-dimensional imaging, but now with the advancement of technology I can, with great precision, show my patients the aesthetic benefits of cheek reduction.

Mind Blowing 3D Imaging Results

The new 3D Vectra software allows me to assess not only the volumetric change but also vectors of movement change. I can show my patients where buccal fat pad removal changes are most apparent – with the three-quarter oblique view showing the most prominent change.

The buccal fat pad reduction surgery is usually done under local anesthesia or general anesthesia. During the procedure, Dr. Zelken makes an incision on the inside of your cheek in order to remove the buccal fat pad. Once the desired result is achieved, Dr. Zelken will close the incision with dissolvable stitches.

The 3D imaging enables me to show even the most subtle enhancements and helps build confidence in the procedure for patients who struggle with visualizing their buccal fat pad results.

Prominent Enhancement that Contours

On Valentine’s Day, Nurse Practitioner Sofia chose to undergo buccal lipectomy, and it gave me an opportunity to put the 3-dimensional Vectra to the test. Sofia was particularly bothered by the fullness just in front of her masseter muscle and above her jawline even though, in my opinion, she already had beautiful facial contours that needed no enhancement.

I share the impactful procedure and 3-dimensional Vectra view that shows the true effect of Sofia’s subtle enhancement post-buccal fat removal surgery in my YouTube video. With the Vectra, I can also assess views where buccal fat pad removal changes are most apparent. Interestingly, the posterior three-quarter oblique view shows the most prominent change.

I understand and appreciate the difference the procedure makes to my patients’ self-confidence and self-esteem. I strongly advise that you work with a board-certified plastic surgeon if you are considering buccal fat removal, and am happy to answer any questions that you may have – please give my office a call.

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