What if buccal fat removal and liposuction of double chin isn’t enough? Accutite +Facetite?

July 17th, 2021 | Categories: Uncategorized

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At the time of publishing this video, we have almost reached 100,000 views on a previous video featuring liposuction of the double chin and buccal fat pad removal. Thank you so much! The patient healed really well, and looks and feels great. Many of you have seen her in real life. Although her weight has remained stable, she looks as though she has lost a moderate amount of weight as a result of the procedure. As expected, the buccal fat pad removal gave better cheek contour and a gentle concavity to the midface. As you will see- the procedure certainly did not age her and she does not look “gaunt”. However, with time, a persistent band of skin from one side of the chin to the other remained. This was easier to see in photos than in real life. This is because NO skin tightening was performed at the time of the original procedure. In many cases I may choose to avoid skin tightening because my patient is young, with healthy skin, and a modest amount of fat is intended to be removed. In most cases, this is sufficient.

But what if there is still some skin redundancy? In some cases, I find that in certain positions, the patient still has skin excess that conceals the results of liposuction. In these cases, it is easy to go back and perform radiofrequency skin tightening to enhance the surgical result. This case is a perfect example of that. Rather than using FaceTite, I used a different tool called AccuTite. AccuTite requires almost no incision at all; in many cases a needle will suffice. However, I chose to perform a small amount of liposuction as well to compensate for large digastric muscles and mylohyoid muscles in the neck. A tiny amount of fat was removed, maybe 2-3 cc, but even this small change can enhance the result significantly. AccuTiteis very similar to FaceTite. The probe is much smaller, requires a smaller incision, and is optimal for hard-to-reach areas, including the midface, lower eyelids, nasolabial folds, perioral mounds, and even the eyebrows. AccuTite may or may not be accompanied by liposuction unlike FaceTite which almost always does.

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