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June 11th, 2021 | Categories: Uncategorized

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We use the term “ditzel” to describe small lumps and bumps as part of routine surgery. But when mole or lesion removal is purely elective, and is in the center of your face, the stakes are raised. Dr. Zelken minimizes scars with three dimensional load sharing, short term sutures, carefully designed geometric patterns, CO2 laser therapy, silicone sheeting, and close follow-up. This video tells the story of a particularly challenging case of an attractive young Japanese woman with a mole above her lip. Even though it bothered her immensely, the lesion was benign and this was truly elective. Over the next few months, the scars became quite red and hyperemic and were treated with CO2 laser. With time, the redness subsided and the scar became nearly invisible. Trust the process and choose a board certified plastic surgeon if you are considering mole or lesion removal from the central face.

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