Labiaplasty: More common than you think, but less discussed (Very Graphic)

January 15th, 2021 | Categories: Uncategorized

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One of the more popular, but least reported wide awake surgeries is labiaplasty. Board certified plastic surgeons can and regularly do perform this operation, and perhaps we take a more artistic approach than traditional measures.

Labiaplasty surgery falls under the category of vaginoplasty. Vaginoplasty, when broken down, stems from the root vagino- pertaining to the vagina, and -plasty, or to shape and mold. Any operation designed to enhance the function or form of the external female genitalia falls under this category. Amongst all procedures, labiaplasty is by far the most common. This involves either reduction or augmentation of the labia minora, labia majora, or both. Also, clitoral hood reduction and monsplasty, which address the anterior aspect of the vulva, are considered subsets of this operation as well. In many cases, procedures to enhance or change the shape of one or more of these anatomic structures are combined.

The reason you do not hear too much about the labiaplasty procedure, despite its popularity, is because it is such an intimate part of a woman’s identity and anatomy. For the same reason, we seldom feature before and afters. This is not a typical operation that is made for TV. Fortunately, we had a very kind patient who is willing to allow us to use this video footage for the sake of educating others and allowing others to have an understanding of the experience of a wide-awake procedure to enhance both the labia minora and clitoral hood.

The procedure shown here involves an extended wedge resection of the labia minora. By performing a wedge resection, as opposed to just removing the edge of the labia majora, this allows us to have a more natural, and even inconspicuous scar, once the wounds have healed. It also prevents the possibility of obviously visible scarring and an abnormal appearance. Although this type of operation is more challenging than a straightforward resection of redundant tissue, it confers some degree of tightening, and rewards a more artistic approach. It is my understanding that the operation performed herein is the most commonly performed version of the labiaplasty operation by Board certified plastic surgeons.

Another subtle feature of this operation, as you will see, is that the lateral extension or the outside extension veers towards the clitoral hood. By tightening this not only can I eliminate a dog ear, or contour irregularity, but it also allows for effacement of a deep sulcus between the labia majora and minora, and some degree of retraction of the clitoral hood. Please see my other videos to learn more about monsplasty as well as CO2 resurfacing of the vaginal introitus to enhance function and minimize things like stress incontinence or discomfort during sex.

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